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Sustainable Business PracticeEira Schweigert, Pedro TorresMGT/360October 27, 2014Dale Hetrick
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Sustainable Business Practice


IntroductionFrom the websites listed, Team A will review major difference and similarities of three selected organizations. It will also be discussed as to whether or not these organizations are better suited to a specific industry, if they contain mandatory or voluntary targets, resources that they offer, and if there are benefits to a business for using one. With today's challenges in the business world, remaining environmentally conscious, promoting sustainability is an essential element to being successful.Ma ...view middle of the document...

The Global Reporting Initiative is a non-profit organization that creates sustainability reports containing economics, environmental, and social impacts due to human daily activities (Initiative, 2014).Even though there are differences on what they focus on, the main theme here is still the same; they want to protect the Earth. Protecting the environment and being socially aware of the consequences of their carbon footprints left for future generations to contend with.Applicable or better suited to a specific industryThe organizations selected are better suited for specific industries. They have different issues they address in their organizations. With their different interests, they touch different industries. A good example of a specific industry is the reduction of emissions by the Purdue clean manufacturing technology office (University, 2009). This issue has a direct impact on car manufacturing organizations.Voluntary or mandatory targetsThe organizations use mandatory targets. They target a different area or manufacturers with specific topics or issues that are crucial to them. The works conducted in these areas provide valuable information regarding the target or issue they are trying to address.Usage and resources offeredThese organizations are used by other organizations affected by the finding of their studies. These findings, from their studies or testing, give other organizations information needed to comply with federal laws or improve their product or services. They also have direct links on their websites that can direct anyone to their findings (Office, 2015).These organizations offer many differ...


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3420 words - 14 pages Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Analysis 4 Recommendations 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Executive Summary This analytical report highlights McDonald’s Corporation’s organisational structure, and how it contributes to sustainability through implementation of policies and frameworks, to maintain its position as a sustainable business. McDonald’s is actually not a new player in the sustainable circle, with a history tracing

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1873 words - 8 pages often use CSR as tool to rebuild reputation and customer acceptance, as these actions aggregate value in mind and hearts of consumers. Lin-Hi, & Müller. (2013) state that many organizations, practice Corporate Social irresponsibility. Many cases can be found in the business word, such as, the price fixing in the Brazilian petrol stations, the corruption scandals in Petro Bras (Globosat 2018) and Siemens. Schubert, S., & Miller, C. 2008). In the

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4391 words - 18 pages Free environmentally sound practice is a necessary evil of doing business - a belief held by many companies. Alternatively, it seems that they have adopted the fact that corporate commitment in sustainable development is a greater profit generator.Coming to terms with sustainable development is key to long-term business success since sustainable development is an inevitability. The sooner an organization reaches that conclusion, the greater its

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2372 words - 10 pages sustainability are; engineering harmless and sustainable products, Lessening of disposal of water, implementing a recycling mentality. Here we can see the both the ‘people’ and the ‘planet’ rudiments from the TBL being utilized proficiently. Stakeholders: Microsoft features department for ‘Anti-Corruption’ and ‘Anti-Bribery’ guidelines for standard business conduct. They moreover have a corporate governance guidelines and procedures to reinforce

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1563 words - 7 pages consideration.REFERENCECooper, C., Fletcher, J., Gilbert, D. & Wanhill, S., (1993), Tourism: Principles & Practice, Essex: Longman Group LtdEdgell, D. L., (1990), International Tourism Policy, New York: Van Nostrand ReinholdElliott, James, (1997), Tourism-politics and public sector management, London and New YorkJohn Swarbrooke (1999), Sustainable Tourism Management, CABI publishingJoppe, M., (1994), International Regulation, Tourism Marketing and

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4299 words - 18 pages identify new business opportunities, improve their market position, improve managers’ analytical capabilities, increase business revenues and profits, and share ideas and knowledge in the company. Stefanikova, Rypakova, and Moravcikova (2015) investigate the impact of competitive intelligence on sustainable growth of enterprises. As the authors explain, sustainable development demands addressing the current needs of the business without compromising

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3826 words - 16 pages Research Journal of Arts & Humanities (IRJAH), 45(45). Paul, N. W., Caplan, A., Shapiro, M. E., Els, C., Allison, K. C., & Li, H. (2017). Human rights violations in organ procurement practice in China. BMC medical ethics, 18(1), 11. Perry, E., & Weltewitz, F. (2015). Wealth management products in China. RBA Bulletin, 59-68. Santoro, M. A. (2015). China 2020: How western business can—and should—influence social and political change in the coming

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4486 words - 18 pages without adequate state of the environment and care for the sustainable management of our planet. UNEP task is to serve as a global leader and promote a global partnership of international organizations, national governments, NGOs, business and industry, the media and society to care for the environment.Action and CooperationThe main areas of UNEP:environmental assessment and anticipated changes in global, regional and national - publishing global


2353 words - 10 pages Table of Contents Executive summary 1 Introduction 1 PART A: Procurement context 2 PART B: Key risks in nRAH 4 Risks in Procurement Management 4 Inaccurate Reporting 5 Underestimated Benefits of nRAH 5 Ineffective Management 6 Completion Delay 6 Risk Mitigation & Learnings 6 PART C: Summary of Best Practice & Key Findings 8 Key Findings 8 Discussion 9 References 10 Executive Summary This report deals with the favors of Public Private Partnership

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2014 words - 9 pages environmental hazard since the growth of both ports had increased of road traffic. This forced the government to close all operations at Port Rashid in 2008 and invest heavily in infrastructure. Business Strategies and Future Business Prospects Dubai’s main objective is to continue being worlds leaders with their ports as well as continuing to develop a safe and sustainable network in the UAE (Baluch 2015). It is necessary for Dubai to provide the vital

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2463 words - 10 pages and innovative individual with sophisticated business skills, possessing high personal integrity and having the ability to create trust. I am highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team builder. My ability to motivate and communicate effectively influences exceptional business performance. I am dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team efforts to produce genuine, long term sustainable development. My career aspirations I see

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2374 words - 10 pages ), Carbo and Dao "An examination of the symbiosis between corporations and society with lessons for management education and practice" Global Virtue Ethics Review 6.3 2012: 51-82Mitra, Gadhok, Shivan, Agarwal "The convergence of Sustainable Capitalism" Oct 2011Professional Communication Conference"Nigeria: Chevron raises support for HIV Prevention" Mena

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3253 words - 14 pages Free can be applied to any organization in any industry. Overall, COBIT ensures quality, control, and reliability of information systems in organization, which is also the most important aspect of every modern business. Today, COBIT is used globally by all IT business process managers to equip them with a model to deliver value to the organization and practice better risk management practices associated with the IT processes. The COBIT control model

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2435 words - 10 pages are vital part Uber’s future in taking advantage of its business opportunities and developing its firm’s international expansion strategy. Dynamic capabilities are the firm’s ability to anticipate changes and make changes in strategy, to adjust to changing competitive environment (Eriksson, 2014). Dynamic capabilities can be divided into three main categories, sensing, seizing and transforming capabilities. Porter’s 5 force theory allows us to

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4589 words - 19 pages the graduates to better the city. The type of skills you need to depend on what specific area of programming and practice to keep up with the new technology that changes every day. Some common programming business in Sault Ste. Marie include; Sault College and Algoma University. The city has no specific business that focuses on computer programming and this is a disadvantage because graduates that want to work on programming will leave the city