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Sustainable Business Practice Essay

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Sustainable Business PracticeEira Schweigert, Pedro TorresMGT/360October 27, 2014Dale Hetrick
Running head: Sustainable Business Practice


Sustainable Business Practice


IntroductionFrom the websites listed, Team A will review major difference and similarities of three selected organizations. It will also be discussed as to whether or not these organizations are better suited to a specific industry, if they contain mandatory or voluntary targets, resources that they offer, and if there are benefits to a business for using one. With today's challenges in the business world, remaining environmentally conscious, promoting sustainability is an essential element to being successful.Major ...view middle of the document...

The Global Reporting Initiative is a non-profit organization that creates sustainability reports containing economics, environmental, and social impacts due to human daily activities (Initiative, 2014).Even though there are differences on what they focus on, the main theme here is still the same; they want to protect the Earth. Protecting the environment and being socially aware of the consequences of their carbon footprints left for future generations to contend with.Applicable or better suited to a specific industryThe organizations selected are better suited for specific industries. They have different issues they address in their organizations. With their different interests, they touch different industries. A good example of a specific industry is the reduction of emissions by the Purdue clean manufacturing technology office (University, 2009). This issue has a direct impact on car manufacturing organizations.Voluntary or mandatory targetsThe organizations use mandatory targets. They target a different area or manufacturers with specific topics or issues that are crucial to them. The works conducted in these areas provide valuable information regarding the target or issue they are trying to address.Usage and resources offeredThese organizations are used by other organizations affected by the finding of their studies. These findings, from their studies or testing, give other organizations information needed to comply with federal laws or improve their product or services. They also have direct links on their websites that can direct anyone to their findings (Office, 2015).These organizations offer many different...

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