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Staffing is a vital component of every organization, it can be understood as the procedure whereby organizations obtain, arrange and retain a workforce of adequate quantity and quality to create successful influences on the business’s efficiency (Phllips & Gully, n.d). There are various strategies within staffing that will be discussed in this essay. The strategies include; proactive and reactive staffing which is done prior to situations that arise or is done in response to issue, respectively (Phllips & Gully, n.d). The three staffing models will also be discussed, namely; quantity: (1) levels, quality: (2) person/job match and (3) person/organization match.
The two staffing strategies that will be discussed are proactive and reactive staffing. Proactive staffing is performed prior to issues arising (Heneman & Judge, 2009). This strategy focuses on creating futuristic alternatives and its decisions consist of enlisting sources that are diverse (Brockbank, 1999). This allows businesses to have a competitive advantage as the strategy allows human resources (HR) to implement a process that leads to the employees creating products and services before their competitors do to aid the success of the organization (Heneman & Judge, 2009). The proactive strategy also recruits employees that are beneficial for the future and who can easily perform effectively in various positions (Brockbank, 1999).
This strategy does not only focus on subcomponents of the organization, it also focuses on the organization as a whole which optimizes productivity, as well as issues that are essential for market success (Brockbank, 1999). With that being said, the HR department has to monitor the organization’s success towards its goals so that the alternative strategies for success can be applied when issues arise (Bechet, 2000). Recruiting diverse employees into an organization, saves them time and money as each employee is able to work in various situations and cope in it instead of having to employ a person for a specific position. However, Brockbank (1999) argues that organizations are often too occupied with other issues that may arise, that they get side tracked from following up on the success rate of the strategy. Furthermore, the steps of the strategy could be evident, however, if they are not developed and applied appropriately, the strategy will not be successful (Brockbank, 1999). Also, organizations could incorrectly forecast issues that may arise which may cost the company money and time.
The reactive staffing strategy, commonly known as the traditional staffing method can be understood as the strategy that is implemented in response to issues that may arise (Bechet, 2000). Here, HR does not necessarily recruit people that are diverse and are able to work cope in different positions within the business. This strategy plans and makes decisions once issues arise rather than planning ahead of time (Bechet, 2000). It is a ‘wait-and-see’ approach to improve ...


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