Process Analysis - Pam Wayfinding Customer Onboarding

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1. Introduction
Within this report, I will evaluate the onboarding process for newly acquired customers of a cloud services company. I will evaluate this process using the 'Four V's' of the process as well as process technologies and then finally provide recommendations for improvement.

2. Background

Pam Wayfinding is a digital agency that has created and introduced a new product to the sign management industry. As Casper states, "One of the biggest pluses of Internet-based ordering systems for distributors is that they eliminate the need for companies to distribute and maintain software separately on every customer's PC." Casper, C. (1998). Pam Wayfinding leverages this by providing a cloud-based software solution that architects and wayfinding experts can purchase through the internet. This solution lets users more effectively manage the signage requirements of large and complex sites like universities, airports, and hospitals without the need for specialized computer software.

New customers access the solution through the company website and are able to choose the product option with a price point that suits their business needs. Product and pricing options are centered around the size of the project (i. e. the number of signs installed), the complexity of the project (ie. the number of buildings and sites), and the quality or file format of the floorplans they provide.

Once the purchase decision has been made, customers then provide service and account activation details. After the credit card details have been confirmed and a charge successfully paid a staff employee creates a subscription account for monthly charging, then issues an email confirmation with login details and a receipt for payment.

Figure 1: Customer Onboarding Process

Source: Pam Wayfinding

A final stage in the process is to support the customer with loading the sites floorplans. The

support required varies dependant on the file type the customer's floor plans are but are always manual.

3. Analysis

Within this section I will analyse Pam's on-boarding process specifically evaluating it against

the Four Vs of process and the process technology used.


3. 1 The Four Vs of the Process

When evaluating the Four Vs of this process it can be seen that the Variety, Variability and

Visibility of the customer onboarding process can be considered high while the Volume is


Pam provides a variety of product and pricing options to support the needs of the customer

including the ability to choose it all from the company website. These options must support the demands of the project size and complexity as well as the impact of different floor plan file types that will be provided by the customer. These elements means that Pam must be prepared to support a wide variety of options.

New customer sales are linked to trade shows and marketing activities which v...

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