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Job analysis is a concept used to develop a comprehensive description of a position that includes the job responsibilities and tasks performed, the tools utilized to perform those duties and the job's environment and working conditions. The information gathered can then be used to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to effectively carry out those activities (Dessler, 2005). It is also aids in identifying specific characteristics, personality traits and behaviors that have a significant impact on successfully fulfilling the job requirements.Job Analysis MethodThe success of a Telephone Customer Service Representative is largely dependent upon the employee possessing m ...view middle of the document...

The Telephone Customer Service Representative is authorized to use logic and judgment to analyze information and evaluate results in order to choose the best solutions and solve problems (O*Net Online, 2004). The employee holding this position is also authorized to evaluate complaints and issues and take the appropriate preventative measures to avoid future similar complications.Job Specifications-At least one year of telephone customer service experience.-Knowledge of computers and software, specifically Customer -Relationship Management (CRM) systems-Experience with digital, multi-line telephones-Exceptional written and verbal communication skills; ability to effectively communicate with customers and all levels of management-Strong grasp of the English language including proper grammar usage, spelling, reading/writing comprehension and clear diction-Firm understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications-Possess high level of stress tolerance and the ability to maint...


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2166 words - 9 pages a portable GPS navigator. The job seeker is encouraged to refer a friend to the network.Through the use of the many communication methods, AT&T can collect critical data to help identify new products for customers. Customers are given the opportunity to manage their existing accounts online by paying their bills, ordering new service, or changing existing service. In addition, the customer can interact online with customer service

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909 words - 4 pages Question 1 1.1 Customer order clerk job description Customer order Clerk Job Code Recommended salary* Job Family EEOC Devision reports to Thozama Order processing Department Location: Kwazulu Natal Date:05/05/2018 Summary Thosama is looking for an accurate and motivated Customer order Clerk to work at their customer order department. The candidate chosen will have the responsibility to accept and attend customer orders. Scope · Accepting e

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4312 words - 18 pages services sector, so do many of the tasks involved in successful human resource management. Job analysis, recruitment and selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation, and labor relations are all likely to be affected by this current trend towards increased services jobs. There are a few specific concerns for human resources in the service industry: Job analysis, which involves gathering information to understand how to successfully

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2338 words - 10 pages Free our goal of being customer focused marketing can allow us to identify trends and predict future trends. When demand is expected to be low we can revise our marketing campaign to increase awareness of our services. During periods when we expect demand to be high we can maximize the number of staff to deal with customers and also offer other mediums e.g. telephone banking.Fiduciary responsibility"The implicit responsibility of financial service

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8141 words - 33 pages Free size of the organization inherently governs how detailed this manual will be; some companies have procedures in place for answering the telephone, customer service, delivery of spectacles, dealing with customer complaints etc. Every business should have policies relating to Anti Discrimination and Harassment, EEO, Email and Internet Usage, Occupational Health and Safety, HIV/Aids, Smoking at Work, and the Privacy Act. Policies and Procedures

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621 words - 3 pages individual goals of a customer service representative need to be communicated to the all staff members in the other departments. This helps members, from all departments, understand individual job performance. Why would a customer service representative tell a customer who his or her cable will be back on in 2 hours when our goal is 24 hours?Lateral CommunicationLateral communication can be described as the transfer of information, in the order from

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2819 words - 12 pages in sales activities, staffing and training to develop and control store operations. Coordinates day to day activities of staff by establishing schedules and assigning individual tasks. Contributes to the development of new products and best practices. Interacts with customers to help resolve issues that might arise from product or customer service related problems. Duties: 1. Directs and coordinates daily activities involving the sale of

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3644 words - 15 pages , the system updates the policy, calculates a new premium amount, and prints the updated policy statement to be mailed out to the policy owner. Use Case Name: Add a new vehicle to an existing policy Scenario: Telephone instance with customer and clerk Triggering Event: New vehicle Brief Description: Customer provides car information, requests coverages with amounts, identifies drivers of the new car. System updates the policy. Actors: Customer

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1305 words - 6 pages satisfaction, their perceptions, and how these two play into the role of the library and librarian. I want to focus on how the employees can use this information to provide better customer care and more meaningful interactions with the patrons of the libraries where they work. I chose to focus on a narrow aspect of the vast customer service studies that exist because most focus on the patron already but less on how the employees of the library can

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2811 words - 12 pages site with the advertiser, showing weak indication of gross revenue reporting. Indicator 5: The Entity has Discretion in Supplier Selection This indicator suggests that if an entity has discretion in supplier selection, gross revenue can be reported. Par. 45-10 elaborates on the indicator: 45-10 If an entity has multiple suppliers for a product or service ordered by a customer and discretion to select the supplier that will provide the product or

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2266 words - 10 pages used Netflix. Question 11 delves more into the specific Netflix selection and mail services and experiences consumers have had in the past 6 months by asking another Likert scale question to assess customer satisfaction. We selected four Netflix characteristics (selection, delivery time, quality of video, proper video received) to determine where within Netflix we might improve customer service. The good news is that the majority of respondents

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1175 words - 5 pages , a customer service contact or an email address to contact someone in the event of an issue. This information should readily be available to any consumer. Since the information is not easily accessible, a potential customer may choose not to make a purchase.ConclusionTeam D has evaluated, and In this evaluation, marketing analysis and strategies for each company were preformed including a review of


2382 words - 10 pages allowing employees to make decisions without consulting their supervisors. · Improving manager employee participation with regard to human resource management function by reviewing employees performance on a daily basis which motivates employees to do their job better and deliver excellent customer service 3. External HR Environmental scanning- the step entails the systematic identification and analysis of key HR trends and forces in the external

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1865 words - 8 pages right at the first time.In other words, TQM is "an evolving system of practices, tools, and training methods for managing companies to provide customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing world".(Shiba et al:1993)Characteristics of TQM-Customers focused: identify who the customer is and adapting the products and service to the needs. Exceeding customers' expectations. Satisfying internal (all the people involved in quality within the organization

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513 words - 3 pages required subject matter and aid students search for materials. Teach students to use data bases for information searches. Keep records of circulating materials. Check books and materials in and out of the library.KnowledgeThe knowledge of processes and necessary principles in the providing of customer services. Meeting quality standards for customer service, and assessing the customer needs, and satisfaction level. Knowledge of the English language