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Project Management Function Essay

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IntroductionA project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to accomplish a unique purpose. Major characteristics of a project are established objectives, defined life span with a beginning and end, Across-organizational participation, new or unique, specific time, cost and performance requirements. Each and every project has Constraints like Scope, Time, and Cost. Each and every project has starting and ending time, cost and other management function involved in project to make successful or failure. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. This all over report describing about one successful project ...view middle of the document...

Project is failed because of do not match project planning and controls with organizational culture to make appropriate adjustments in support of project.Project Management FunctionProject Management Function Diagram (1)In above Diagram there are core management function, Facilitating function, stakeholders and tools and techniques involved in project management frameworkCore Management Function:Core management function means describe key competencies that project managers must develop during the project. Core management function areas lead to specific project objectives (2):1. Scope ManagementScope management means defining and managing all the work required to complete the project successfully. In Scope management processes includes like Scope planning, scope definition, scope verification, scope control.2. Time ManagementTime management means estimating work completion time, developing project schedule and ensuring timely completion of the project. In time management processes includes like activity definition, activity sequencing, resource estimating, duration estimating, schedule control etc.3. Cost ManagementCost management means consists of preparing and managing the budget for the project. In cost management processes include like cost estimating, cost budgeting, cost control.4. Quality ManagementQuality management means ensure that the project will satisfy the stated or implied needs for which it was undertaken. In quality management processes includes like quality planning, quality assurance, quality control.Facilitating Management Function:Facilitating management function areas are means for achieving project objectives (2):1. Human resource managementHuman resource management means concerned with making effective use of the people involved with the project. In human resource management processes includes human resource planning, acquiring the project team, developing the project team, managing the project team.2. Communication managementCommunication management means involves generating, collecting, disseminating, and storing project information. In communication management processes includes communication planning, information distribution, performance reporting, managing stakeholders.3. Risk managementRisk management means identifying, analyzing and responding to risks related to the project. In Risk management processes includes like risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis, risk response planning, risk monitoring and control.4. Procurement managementProcurement management means involves acquiring goods and services for a project from outside the organization. In procurement management processes includes like planning purchase and acquisitions, planning contracting, requesting sellers responses, administering the contract, closing the contract.Description of ProjectsWe had developed one project during my bachelor degree and its successful project in my graduation. We had...

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