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Running Head-COMMUNICATION PLAN, MONITORS AND CONTROLSLittle Fun Size Candy Communication StrategiesJaime EnriquezBUS 475January 10, 2011Lesley KingWriting a business plan is an important factor in beginning a business, but many owners are unsuccessful to make out the importance of one. A good plan focuses on meeting primary objectives, and to stay on track, it is essential in developing a good communication plan. Anytime managers put into practice strategic objectives, measures, and targets including marketing and information technology a communication plan are important to set and alert the businesses target audience. Little Fun Size Candy S ...view middle of the document...

In order for Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) to succeed, management has developed an effective communication plan that will assist in solving issues efficiently and fast. Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) has come up with tactics and strategies to meet company objectives. The company plans to have management meet weekly for the purpose of focusing on learning best practices from each other along with communication updates. Weekly meetings for LFSC will target discussions about client relationships to discussing workplace issues, in short strategic control, "to track a strategy as it is being implemented, detect problems or changes in its underlying premises, and make necessary adjustments" (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Managers that cannot meet on a weekly basis, from time to time it is important to get management together over the phone. Little Fun Size Candy Shop's (LFSCS) target is to improve internally, give feedback on job performances, outline goals for the next meeting, ask for ideas, motivate, and to learn about staff issues.Continual improvements on employee training are necessary for producing the best services to customers and to improve internal operations through management. Little Fun Size Candy (LFSC) will have monthly training sessions targeting supervisors and employees. This plan will help monitor and improve employee's ability to provide better customer service, improving customer retention, gain knowledge about the business, and understanding his or her impact in the business. Helping employee's advance up the ladder of management will retain employees motivating them to excel and continue their education and careers with Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSC), "this is an important function that will keep all staff member's current about policies, procedures and the technology used in the department" (Bodimer, 2010). Employees who like their job help the business make more money, "survey conducted by Sears showed that when employee attitudes improved by 5 percent, customer satisfaction jumped 1.3 percent, consequently increasing revenue" (Smith, 2010). With the increase in job satisfaction Little Fun Size Candy (LFSC) hopes to target loyal, quality, and energetic future employees for the future of LFSCS extending its name not only through consumers but also through the job workforce.Recognition is an important factor in retaining key talent. Recognition can create memories for employees which can lead to higher performance. There are many forms of recognition; Little Fun Size Candy (LFSC) plans to hold annual customer and employee appreciation day to display the appreciation and thanks for customers and employees loyalty to the business. The company will select random days throughout the year to hold these events, neither both will ever be held on the same day. Those responsible in arranging such events will be managers, who will share a connection with their staff in showing their gratitude and contribution to the over...


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