Recommendation For Recycling Water In Florida

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Recommendation For Recycling Water in FloridaPrepared for: Tom Petty, Chairman Of The BoardDepartment Of Environmental Regulation Boardby:Environmental Specialist, Pasco County FloridaNovember 29, 1996ContentsAbstract..............................................................................................2Executive ...view middle of the document...

This report also explains the procedure, as well as a recommendation including the site and costs involved, along with a short background on the proposed procedure. I recommend that the recycled project be funded and allow the pilot plant to meet the ever increasing demand for water in Florida.Executive SummaryThe water shortage problem effects us all in one way or another. Either through the mandatory restrictions or the increased price of water, or even the ever increasing occurrence of sinkholes, the evidence of a water shortage is everywhere. Since we need water to survive, and there are no alternatives to support life on this planet, we must find a way to keep up with our expanding water demand.I feel that the only viable option is to recycle the water we are using. By recycling the water, we will be able to drop the price and stop the sinkholes from occurring and ease the mandatory restrictions placed upon us by the water shortage.The research that was completed and all the information I gathered showed that a price of $50,000 would cover all the expenses needed to set up a pilot plant, including the labor which will be done in-house.The $50,000 required will be recovered in less then a year's time, and since it will also satisfy the voracious appetite for water, I feel it is a viable option. The plant could be operational in 3 months upon approval of the funds. I feel this option is both economically and environmentally feasible and would like to get started as soon as possible.IntroductionWater, our most precious resource, is becoming in short demand. With water use increasing every day here in Florida, will there be enough water for everybody? We live in a state where people are migrating into every day, due to the desirable climate and recreation options. With this influx increasing at an alarming rate, where will we get the water to supply the demand? Clearly, at the present rate of use the water table is decreasing. As we see more and more sinkholes, due to the overpumping of the water table, we realize another alternative must be developed. This completion report will update you on the progress of the option of recycling the water in our Pasco County test plant, at the Moon Lake plant.We use water every day and in many ways. We use water to take a shower, brush our teeth, water our lawns, wash our laundry and cars or just simply to support our very existence. Clearly we cannot do without water, and there simply is not enough to go around. One alternative is to recycle the water. We already treat our waste water with processes that result in a water 99.5% pure. If this water was to be sent to a water treatment plant to be processed along with the water already being processed, there would be plenty of water available. This water could be used as potable water, for drinking or cooking, or for laundry or irrigation. The reclaimed water could be reinjected (deep well injection) into the aquifer to offset the amount being pumped every...

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