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Part I: Origins of PsychologyThe seven major perspectives in modern psychology are psychoanalytic, behaviorist, humanist, cognitive, neuroscientific/biopsychological, evolutionary, and sociocultural.Psychoanalytic: The founder of the psychoanalytic school of thought is Sigmund Freud. He believed that many psychological problems result from the conflicts that occur between "acceptable" behavior and "unacceptable" unconscious sexual or aggressive motives. His theory was called Psychoanalysis. Freud relied more on deductive reasoning rather than on rigorous research methods, hence making his approach non-scientific. Also, he laid emphasis on the importance of unconscious processes ...view middle of the document...

Also, they emphasized on the notion of free will (voluntarily chosen behavior) and self-actualization (a state of self-fulfillment) (John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2008).Cognitive: Cognitive psychologists are interested in investigating the thought processes that occur in the brain. Also, they examine how the information is gathered, encoded and stored. Some of the concepts that are studied under cognitive psychology are perception, memory, imagery, concept formation, problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and language. Not only that, cognitive psychologists explain that a human mind works like a computer that sequentially takes in information(gathers), processes it( encodes), and then produces a response, hence called the information-processing approach.Neuroscientific/Biopsychological: This school of thought emphasizes on the role of biological factors on behavior. Psychologists who follow this school of thought explain behavior through the use of genetics and biological processes that occur in the brain. These psychologists combine the biological and the psychological aspects to explain behavior.Evolutionary: This school of thought examines concepts such as natural selection, adaptation, and evolution of behavior and mental processes. Evolutionary psychologists claim that an organism's reproductive success is determined by the behavior that favors the process of natural selection (John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2008).Sociocultural: This school of thought emphasizes on the role of social interactions and cultural factors that influence behavior. Some factors include ethnicity, religion, occupation, and socioeconomic class and so on.Part II: Research MethodsResearch MethodsMethodPurposeStrengthsWeaknessesProvide an exampleExperimentalIdentify cause and effectAllows precise control over variables and identifies cause and effectEthical concerns, practical limitations, artificiality of lab conditions, research and participant biases Manipulation and control of variablesDescriptiveObserve, collect and record data Minimizes artificiality, easier to collect data, allows description of behavior and mental processes as they occurLittle or no control over variables, cannot explain cause and effect, and researcher and participant biasesNaturalistic observation, survey, and case study.CorrelationalIdentify relationships and how well one variable predicts another. Helps clarify relationships between variables that cannot be examined by other methods and allows prediction.Researchers cannot identify cause and effectStatistical analysis of relationship between variables.Biological Identify causation as well as description and predictionShares many or all of the advantages of experimental, descriptive and correctional researchShares many or all of the disadvantages of experimental, descriptive and correctional researchStudies the brain and other parts of the nervous system.Compare and contrast: Experimental and Correlational methods.Experimental resea...


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1452 words - 6 pages Unit 1 Modules 1-3 History • Wilhelm Wundt- founded first research lab in 1879- birth of scientific psychology • Structuralism – studied consciousness- introspection, examining one’s mind and what one is thinking and feeling. Edward Titchener • Functionalism- look at function not structure, stress adaptation to the environment. • William James (Principles of Psychology in 1890) John Dewey • Gestalt psychology – focus on the totality of

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901 words - 4 pages easier to read information in a controlled laboratory setting. Study 2 extended this finding to high school classrooms. The results suggest that superficial changes to learning materials could yield significant improvements in educational outcomes (Diemand-Yauman, Oppenheimer and Vaughan. 2010) Method Design The research was conducted as a field experiment, in the participants own homes, this was done due to ease of accessibility. Certain controls

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1287 words - 6 pages IDST/HIST 2471-H Take Home Exams. 3. Explain the origins of United States imperialism in Latin America? Thesis United States Imperialism in Latin America, which basically is United States being in control of foreign government and having influence over its economy for its own economic interest. The essay will start of by explaining what is meant by imperialism, then give a brief history of Latin America which will open to how the region was

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3174 words - 13 pages 1 THE HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF HINDUISM University School of Religion The History and Origins of Hinduism By World Religions RELT-458A (W) 26 April 2019 Outline I. Introduction – Hinduism is an assorted collection of religion, logic, and social practice local to and overwhelming in India, portrayed by a confidence in rebirth and an incomparable being of numerous structures and natures, by whether contradicting hypotheses are parts of one endless

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1460 words - 6 pages of human knowledge. Also, epistemology is considered to be the most important thing of what makes a human being what he is- making all other branches of philosophy depend on epistemology. This goes to the fact that the whole nature of philosophy involves rationality (dependant on knowledge). To distinguish between good knowledge and rubbish is to make sure one makes the right research, tests, and calculations to be as adequate and accurate as

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2143 words - 9 pages studies. According to Steele and Aronson (1995), other research supports the present hypothesis by showing that factors akin to stereotype threat-that is, other factors that add self-evaluative threat to test taking or intellectual performance-are capable of disrupting that performance. Our second hypothesis testing effects of stress is as follows: we believe that women in a stress induced condition will perform worse than those in a stress reduced

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410 words - 2 pages . As business students, there are three main points should be present by them: established findings, conflicting evidence and difference.iii.The final one is choosing a right research strategy that can fit for the decided research project. It is undoubtedly that many various methodologies exist, but business students ought to select the appropriate methods from all so that they can meet individual need of research. In addition, good research strategy can help research project go successfully.All of these above show that business students can obtain better research project if they have done good preparation or judgmatical arrangement for a certain research topic.

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666 words - 3 pages .jpg Rivera 4 Works Cited Daly, Kathleen N. Greek and Roman Mythology "A to Z." New York City, Chelsea House, 1992. Encyclopædia Britannica, inc. "Demeter." Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, inc., 12 Oct. 2016, Accessed 17 Nov. 2017. "Origins of Demeter and Her Daughter Persephone." Myths and Legends, E2BN, 2006, Accessed 17 Nov. 2017.

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645 words - 3 pages Free The relationship between employees’ sleep and corporate performance in information technology industry 1. Background/Introduction Sleep can affect attention, memory and cognitive ability and that are the elements of the workplace. However, there is no clear evidence showing that sleep can effect on corporate performance. This research aims to study on the three factors of sleep which include sleep quality, length of sleep, and insomnia, and then

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428 words - 2 pages From birth, human infants' vocal structure is similar to other primate infants with a short vocal tract and higher larynx than adults. For speech to occur, the vocal tract needs to mature and the larynx must drop to enable consonant-vowel combinations. Infants progress through many stages of communication, the first of these stages is what is known as babbling. Much research has concluded that babbling is the stage of language development where


1389 words - 6 pages Free August 01, 2016, from Donegan, R. (2012). Bullying and Cyberbullying: History, Statistics, Law, Prevention and Analysis. Retrieved from no1/04doneganejspring12.pdf Ericson, N. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Program. (2001). Addressing the problem of juvenile bullying (FS-200127). Retrieved from https

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2223 words - 9 pages Free Blockbuster Film Running Head: BLOCKBUSTER FILM’S AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPTS The Presence of Psychology: How a Blockbuster Film Incorporated Psychological Concepts Amanda Lozenich University of Houston Project Description: For this project I chose to analyze a Blockbuster Film for psychological concepts. By watching 12 Angry Men my goal was to examine the meaning behind particular scenes and how they could portray a social psychology concept. I

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519 words - 3 pages Taylorism was developed by FW Taylor and showed methods of how to optimize organization efficiency. Taylor used work-studies to help him draw up scientific approaches to improving organization production techniques. He used two different types of research, method study and work measurement. He studies concluded show how by focusing on an organizational structure he is able to improve production techniques.He concluded that different workers have

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643 words - 3 pages there wasn't good new awaiting for him. Shortly after he left to go study in London his mother had passed away. ________________ Methods. For Gandhi, his strategy is the combination of truth, sacrifice, non-violence, selfless service and cooperation. Gandhi says that “one should be brave and not a coward”, Gandhi also said that “there is no god higher than the truth”. Gandhi believed that non-violence is the best solution to fix the world and all

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1566 words - 7 pages Running head: psychology and school shootings 1 psychology and school shootings 8 Psychology and School Shootings: How to Address an Epidemic of Violence Aidan Stewart Parkview High School Abstract This paper will describe a growing societal problem—mass school shootings in the United States. It will describe the psychological science research on what causes certain students to act out in mass school shootings and what steps can be taken to