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Chapter 1Section 1Access The Main Idea1.what are the characteristics of states?-population,territory,government,and sovereignty.2.what are the different theories about government?-some thought that the state was a nature stage in the evolution of human society,growing out of the family relationship between parents and children.rulers were seen as 'parents ,'-the people of the state.Another theory saw a strong leader as the most important element in the state.such rulers would take power by force,creating myths and legends proving to the people that they were 'superior ' and their rule could not be challenged.For review:1.population,territory,government,and sovereignty.2.legitimacy is ...view middle of the document...

Section 3THE MAIN IDEAAuthority must be divided between the state and its political subdivisions.these political subdivisions may be called be many different names:states,counties and provinces.For review1.they get power from people .2.The national government and the state government each are granted some powers.A federal system enables a strong central government to handle common problems.3.Yes.4.They usually use usually use force or fraud (holding false elections on the premise that it will give people a vote for who they want in government or just rigging the ballots) to gain power and then they keep it through intimidation.Section 4The main basic principle of American democracy is the belief in individual worth.2.Liberty, Equality, pursuit of happiness, life, freedom..For review1.americans assume that each person knows what is best for himself or herself and generally has the right to make personal choices and decisions.2.The law applies to government and government officials as mush as to ordinary citizens.3.public officials must make decisions based onthe law,not only on their own opinions or wishes.4. Majority rule is just a voting procedure for resolving disagreements within a deliberative assembly. Sometimes it might be combined with other rules, like those requiring unanimous or two-thirds votes on certain issues.Section 5The main states only that candidates for national office must have been ciztizens for a certain number of years.2.Citizens can lose their status by expatriation.For review1.1a.the constitution1b.almost everyone born either on American soil or to American parents is automatically a citizen.2.2.the fourteenth amendment.3.3a.everyone born either on American soil or to American parents is automatically a citizen.3b.these included 5 years of residence in the united states,the ability to read,write,and speak english,and an understanding of American government and aliens can own attend public schools.they are guaranteed due process and legal protection.Chapter 2Section 2The main idea.1.1.colonists from England brought with them long-established traditions of politics,law,and government.these traditions would deeply influence the forms of government that developed in the new land.2.2.the English colonists brought with them four important principles that became cornerstones of American political thought.(1).limited government,(2)representative government.(30individual liberty,and (4)rule by law.For review1.1.(1).limited government,(2)representative government.(30individual liberty,and (4)rule by law.2a.The House of lords was made up of bishops and great nobles who neither inherited their seats or were appointed.this house dominated Parliament until the early 1700's.2b.The House of Common included knights and townsmen who were elected by other knights and townspeople.3.PETITION OF RIGHT (1628), Parliamentary declaration of the rights and liberties of the people, assented to by Charles I in...

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