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1. The dominant interpersonal issue addressed in the letter is trust between wife and husband who are already split. The husband approached his ex-wife saying that he wants his family back together, with the demand that the wife takes off the child support from him. Since money, according to the wife, was always an issue in this relationship, the wife has a reason to believe that he wants to get back with her to relieve him of his responsibility.
2. Weekly learning resources and weekly discussion says that romantic relationships are made, maintained, and very often destroyed through interpersonal communication. In a survey of 1001 people over 18 years of age,53 percent felt that a lack of effective communication was the primary cause of marriage failure, a significantly greater percentage than those who cited money (38 percent) and in-law interference (14 percent) (Roper Starch, 1999).
3. Other sub-issues addressed in this letter are finances, selfishness, communication, and consequences.
4. In a relationship, people are not only connected; they are interdependent, which means that what one person does affects the other person. The actions of one person have consequences for the other person. (Foundation of Interpersonal Communication). The way we communicate has a lot of influence om the relationship and trust we have. If we talk with respect and support, we are likely to develop a respectful and supportive relationship.
5. Communication and perception, feelings, self-disclosure, compromise, respect, and expectations.
6. Trust is a two-way street. It’s about trusting your partner and their actions, but also trusting yourself when it comes to your gut instinct and sticking to your boundaries. If you don’t trust yourself, then you’ll hand over all responsibility to your partner when it comes to your entire relationship, without taking any ownership of it. Sometimes, people enter relationships with trust issues from their past, hoping that the person they’re with will give them reason enough to trust them. But the trouble with this mindset is that you’re likely to attract people who hold similar beliefs and trust issues. And no stable, happy person is going to put up with that kind of insecurity in the long run. Trust among individuals is dynamic, and through a similar experience, it is gained. In all aspects of life involving people’s trust is in no way just given but obtained by earning it. Nevertheless, trust cannot be clarified exclusively through the interaction among individuals, but also through incredibly private points of view. We are inclined to trust individuals who we regard as trustable. The assessment about an individual’s credibility or whether they can be trusted is none the less still completely subjective
Sub issues
When it comes to love, all of us are on a constant search to find the “right person.” The right person is attractive and kind, gets along with our friends and family, and makes us f...


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