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Comparing and contrasting the Christian Worldview and non-christian worldview to the
value of life and the foundations of identity.
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Grenz, S. J. “Created for community”: Our identity as God’s creatures. United States of
America: 1996
In ​Created for Community, ​Grenz, S. J examines that everyone is going to wonder who they are
and how we all as humans go searching for our identity in order to find security and belonging in
the place we are in life. In Psalm 8: 5-6 it says, “You have made them (humankind) a little lower
than God, and crowned them with glory and honour. You have given them dominion over the
works of your hands: you have put all things under their feet.” Grenz sees this as being God’s
handiwork and our value coming from Him since we are “. Grenz beautifully describes our
unique and beautiful identity in Jesus.
Walter, J.J. “Quality of life”: THE quality of life. USA: 1990
In the Quality of life, Walter, J.J describes many aspects of the quality of life and how we as
humans qualify it depending on where and how we live. This is very helpful to the essay
because it argues that everyone’s life is entrusted “to the individual as a good that must bear
fruit … finds its full perfection only in eternal life.” However this doesn’t dequalitise us for being
on Earth but should motivate us to have a full life with God.
Shannon, T. A. “Quality of life”: Declaration on Euthanasia. USA, 1990
In the chapter of ‘Declaration of Euthanasia’, Shannon. T. A argues that no one in any way can
or should permit the killing of an innocent human being whether it be a fetus or any aged human
since we don’t have the power of Judgement like God does. This will be helpful to argue that
every life matters more than what we can ever imagine.
Spring, B. Larson, E. “Euthanasia”: The power of persuasion. Portland, Oregon 1998
This chapter talks about the different types of influences one may get to determine the value of
one’s life and whether they as individuals are able to take their rights to live away. The authors
explain how in the earlier years, it was so horribly unethical that people who took such things
into action were maimed or killed. There are many different factors which influence how we as a
society view these heavy topics now a days.
Percy, W. “The Thanatos Syndrome” USA, 1987
Walter Percy strongly declares to those who are for Euthanasia and abortions: “You are a
member of the first generation of doctors in the history of medicine to turn their backs on the
oath of Hippocrates and kill millions of old useless people, unborn children, born malformed
children. For the good of mankind - and to do so without a single murmur from one of you.” It
was so bold and true to state. Many people do these actions knowing it is wrong, so even
though they aren’t valuing the life of the individual, they know the individual they have just killed
has a high cost for their life for them to not want to boast about their action.
Uhlmann, M. M. “Last rights, assisted suicide and euthanasia debated”: Michigan, 1998
Uhlmann beautifully described the value of life and how we as individuals should treat our life for
what it really is. Uhlmann debated both the pro and against “assisted” suicide and euthanasia
and included strong points for both sides. Uhlmann gave the opportunity for the readers to
decide what was right for them and did not create judgment but provided facts for both parties.
Nicholls, D. “The meaning of life” Australia, 1970
David Nicholls strongly believes that religion or God has nothing to do with the purpose
of life, rather it is a preparation for the after-life. Nicholls strongly argues that those who
live life for the glory of God are wasting their time and are only fearing the character of
God and want to fulfil their temporary confusion with the idea of God. Nicholls
concluded that “A meaning of life in preparation for death, or, a meaning of life for the
living of the only life you will ever have”
Lebrew, S. “Sociology of Religion”: Toward a critical sociology of Atheism:
Identity, politics, ideology, Canada, 2013
Lebrew strongly believed that in order for atheists to find their own personal identity,
they need to understand Atheism in relation to the ideologies and political divisions that
form the identity of the Atheist movement. It was interesting understanding a different
perspective of finding your true identity.
Henley, W. E. : “Book of Verses: Life and Death”, England, 1888
Henley was quite unique in expressing his beliefs of atheists deciding what their
purpose of life was which would then also give them the ability to decide what their lives
were worth. Henley writes, “.. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”.
Concluding that one was in control of every single aspect of their life and that this life is
the only life they will ever live so they don’t need to be accountable to anyone.

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