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Skateboarding is a very extreme sport. Professional skateboarders are dedicated to being as extreme as they can in competition. Skateboard competition is divided into three categories which are: vert, street, and freestyle.The first type of competition is vert or vertical riding. Vert competitions began in empty swimming pools, but are now held in large half pipes. A half pipe is considered the m ...view middle of the document...

Vert competition is considered the most radical form of skateboarding in terms of risk.The second type of competition is street. Street competition involves performing a variety of tricks on things like curbs, benches, stairs, rails, and ramps. This type of competition combines jumping, landings, and the creative use of different tricks and objects. Street competition is not as extreme as vert competition, but is still very extreme.The third and final type of competition is freestyle. Freestyle competition consists of the innovative use of the hands and feet. It is held on flat surfaces with no objects on which to perform tricks. Freestyle originated in the 1960s and 70s by surfers who wanted a way to practice on land and in water. Freestyle competitions is not currently held in any professional skateboarding competitions, but still practiced by many skateboarders today.Skateboarding competitions are very extreme. Vert, street, and freestyle are the three types of skateboarding used today. Maybe in the near future people will develop new styles of skateboarding.


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1724 words - 7 pages street skating photos continue to dominate. However vert skating is making a comeback, due in part to the large number of new skateparks being built. These skateparks have also given boost to the skating community in many towns. The many different ramps, pipes and bowls present at these parks have led to a change in equipment. These technological changes applied to skate products have improved skateboarding hear steadily over the last two decades

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711 words - 3 pages definitely felt like I was speaking a totally different language to the people that never read the comics or watched the movies. It is much easier to connect with someone when you both have a shared interest in the same subject. I went through junior high hiding my interest in Marvel because I was afraid of what people would think. I eventually met my best friend and even though I tried my best to not talk about comic books, I later found out we both

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3163 words - 13 pages the body.When the body enters a new environment, it must alter its initial state to incorporate the new senses that the old environment may not have contained. This occurs daily from walking from a cold room to a warm room, waking up to bright sunlight, or hearing a sharp, painful noise. All of these examples deal with multiple receptors of the body receiving input in receptive fields. A receptive field is an area where a receptor is sensitive to

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1425 words - 6 pages . Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 20(6), 595-599. Jaafar, H., Rouis, M., Attiogbe, E., Vandewalle, H., & Driss, T. (2015). A comparative study between the wingate and force–velocity anaerobic cycling tests: effect of physical fitness. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 11(1), 48-54. Kraemer, W. J., Fleck, S. J., & Evans, W. J. (1996). Strength and Power Training: Physiological Mechanisms of Adaptation. Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews, 24(1), 363-398. 2 3

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1130 words - 5 pages ?,,April 22, 2005Study Guide 1007AMC (1999) Social Sciences in Australia, School of Arts, Media and Culture, Griffith University, BrisbaneThe Law Society of New South Wales (2002) After Ada: A New Precedent for Women in Law,,April 20, 2005Wilson, J. (2005) Composition of Australian Parliaments by Party and Gender,,April 23, 2005

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958 words - 4 pages opportunities for advancement, and is not perceived as a major sport as compared to baseball, basketball or football. Hence the American establishment pushed for the popularity of the above sports rather than promoting Soccer. References: · · Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills: A Tactical Games Approach,Champaign · A Team is Born, Not All Cheer, 1997.

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730 words - 3 pages , J. (2010). Associations between gender, age and waist circumference. WANG, J., THORNTON, J., KOLESNIK, S. and PIERSON, R. (2006). Anthropometry in Body Composition: An Overview. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 904(1), pp.317-326. World Health Organisation. Waist Circumference and Waist- Hip Ratio: Report of a WHO Expert Consultation. Geneva: WHO,2011. Word count: 420

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3348 words - 14 pages conducted in a Japan university from Meiji Gakuin University. Experiment 1 consisted of 2 stages on feature listing and typicality judgements and experiment 2 involve using object classification task. For the two experiments, 71 students were recruited. The results confirm the study from Tanaka and Presnell (1999), moreover there is no difference in response time between HCD and LCD manmade object.1.2 ReviewThe effect of colour in object recognitions

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3555 words - 15 pages to conventional commerce or present the complete current position of the current characteristics of the net. The section addresses the initial topic above by offering the framework for the classification of Internet electronic commerce business models. The theory has been developed on the basis of new trade Internet commerce and research study in European R&D programs (Timmers, 1998). The success of Internet-based jobs at this business-to-customer

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1320 words - 6 pages & Exercise, 13, 669-678. doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2012.04.007 Gould, D.,& Maynard, I. (2009). Psychological preparation for the Olympic Games. Journal of Sports Sciences, 27, 1393-1408. doi:10.1080/026440410903081845. Greenleaf, C., Gould, D., & Kristen Dieffenbach (2001) Factors Influencing Olympic Performance: Interviews with Atlanta and Negano US Olympians, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 13(2), 154-184, doi: 10.1080/104132001753149874. McCann, S

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5854 words - 24 pages the world, Norway ranks sixty-eighth in total square miles. Norway's square mile total comes to 323,802, whereas Russia, in the number one spot, comes to an astounding 17,098,242 total square miles (World Factbook, 2013-2014). As one can see, it is a relatively small country when compared to some of its larger, neighboring European countries. When observing sport in Norway, it is possible to find that most of the sports participated in are indoors

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435 words - 2 pages Informative Essay I am writing about spider-man. Spider-mans real name is peter parker. Peter was an ordinary boy. He lived in New York City with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter often dreamed of being a superhero. Peter Parker was a student at Midtown High school. He was very clever and worked hard at his lessons. He always got good marks and his favorite subject was science. Peter was a quiet, shy boy did not have many friends. He was not

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584 words - 3 pages pursuits.The extreme setting in front of TV is harmful for education and health also. The studies are affected because youth like to watch television when parents are not there in home, and having no self-discipline. Many teens have shortsighted because of this. And it caused the problem like fat. Staying at home will let you become lazier. Our body needs to do sports, exercise etcThe youth also try the actions done by heroes in the films. In the Indian