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The overall purpose of this article is to point out some key ideas that may increase student motivation or affect it in some way. There is always an unmotivated student, and sometimes all they need is a little support or a little push. Parents send their kids to schools to get an education, yet they are not getting the education because they are not motivated. The intended audience for this article would be the educators and employees in the school system. The principal, assistant principal, counselor, librarians all have an impact on student motivation. This article points out a couple of different ideas based off of research to increase student motivation in schools.
This article contributes to the overall topic of student motivation by listing different ways of improving student motivation. They include Adaptive self-efficacy and competence perceptions, adaptive attribution and control beliefs, higher levels of interest and intrinsic motivation, higher levels of value, and goals all aid in motivating students.
For the first point, in simplest terms, if a student believes in themselves then they are more likely to be motivated to attempt. Feedback from teachers should be accurate, and progress amongst students should be recorded. Teachers should present challenging, but possible tasks for students. When a task is way too easy or way too difficult it becomes an issue and affects motivation. The second point is saying that teachers should make sure the students understand the importance of learning, how effort can control how well the student does in the class. Student motivation is increased when they get to decide certain grading policies in the classroom like whether homework should count as much as a quiz. The third point includes that teachers should provide stimulating tasks for students. When a teacher is interested in the content, a student is more likely to be motivated to work and study. The fourth point says that teachers should make sure students understand why what they are learning is relevant. Teachers should point out the importance and relevance of the content they are teaching. Lastly, the fifth key in motivating students says that teachers should incorporate collaborative group work. This is fulfilling in social and academic goal setting placed by students.
The Issue with Student Motivation
There is no issue or problem specifically stated in this article, but more so an indirect one is given. Students lack motivation because they do not see the relevance in the content they learn, they do not have a good home...

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