German Assignment For Advanced Students - MHS German - Assignment

1221 words - 5 pages

· Submit ONCE a week – by Sunday - via HAIKU
· 3 points minimum per week
· Buy a FREE week with accumulated points( you MUST have at least 3 points in your bank)
· You must do a 5-point option ONE TIME in Q2 OR Q3
· NO REPEATS in the same QUARTER
1. Change your FACEBOOK language to German and “play” on FACEBOOK for an hour.
2. Change your cell phone language to German for an entire week.
3. Explore the German-language section of a bookstore or the German Ebooks section of Browse at least 10 books and find two you would like to own.
4. Explore the iTunes Germany store and find 2 albums or 5 songs you would like to own.
5. Using post-it notes, post-it 10 items in your house that you don’t know the word for and leave it there for a week, then report to me from memory what all the items were.
6. On Spotify, find a German-speaking artist you like and either: a. listen to their top 10 songs OR b. listen to an album of theirs that you’ve never heard before.
7. Create a wishlist of 10 items on Amazon Germany.
8. Like the facebook page: Humans of Salzburg (or any other German-speaking city, such as Wien, Berlin, München, Zürich, etc). Read some of the posts throughout the week and write about some of the ones that interested you the most/upload the pictures.
9. Watch 3 video clips on sports on and report on them.
10. Watch 3 video clips on news or and report on them.
11. Complete a category on Duolingo, upload a screen shot of the completion.
1. Listen to German-language radio for one hour (music).
2. Explore/play on one or more corporate German-language websites for 45 minutes,
for example:
· McDonald’s
Harry Potter
3. Compile a list of 30 words involving the profession you hope to have.
4. Read the last 30 German-language tweets from a German-speaking musician,
politician, author, etc.
5. Listen to five clips level A2 or higher on
6. Complete 2 songs on and report your results.
7. Create a Pinterest board of at least 7 different recipes in German.
8. Book a flight to a German-speaking country using Lufthansa or other airline’s
German-language site (up to the purchase of course!) Screen shot the itinerary.
9. Watch the German-language trailer of a movie you’d like to see. Locate a
theatre in German-speaking country where the movie is playing. Screen shot
the movie schedule.
10. Find a famous work of a German artist. Tweet a picture of it. Write a 5 – 10
sentence description of what you see and 5-10 sentences about the artist.
11. Play a game of “Trivia Crack” in German.
1. Listen to German radio 30 minutes (talk radio)
2. Read German-language news for 30 minutes (may be online), such as:
· Spiegel
· Salzbur...

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