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Contrasting and comparing the outreach programmes of The Royal Court Theatre and The Clean Break Theater company
The two theatres have considerably different but equally socially important outreach programmes that help enrich the lives of many within the community and help create a positive sense of belonging – however their target audiences are different.
The Clean Break is a women – only theatre company that focuses mainly on the rehabilitation and integration of females who have been imprisoned or are at risk of being imprisoned. Their whole ethos is built around the notion that `the treatment of women by the criminal justice system is one of the clearest demonstrations that our society is still unequal and that women are judged by different standards to men``*.
They also offer courses for females who are still imprisoned to give them a sense of purpose after their release and allow them to release their creativity in a safe space. Their work is locally acclaimed and praised in the community as proving how vital their work is to the comunity and our society in general.
The Royal Court theatre offer a wider variety of outreach programmes focusing on their ethos which is that the Royal Court theatre is a writer`s theatre, therefore, most of the outreach programmes they offer has a playwriting sub-division designed to develop writing and discover writing talent in all layers of the society.
The Young Court for example offer activities ...


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606 words - 3 pages as n voorbeeld van onduidelike dialoog van die teater van absurde nie, maar verwys ook na konstante bevraagtekening van dinge wat n hoof element van teater van die absurde is. ... the Theatre of the Absurd attacks the comfortable certainties of religious or political orthodoxy. It aims to shock its audience out of complacency, to bring it faceto face with the harsh facts of the human situation as these writers see it As mens soek ons ​​natuurlik

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1825 words - 8 pages about consciousness and knowledge are pursued and answered with more unanswerable questions. It all ends in a scene in which God is on an autopsy table as a dissected organ taken from the defective corpse of mankind. In the recording all this was combined with shrieks, screams, grunts, and an extensive vocabulary of nonsense words.Antonin Artaud wanted Theatre of Cruelty to be a total experience that would be a convergence of the arts. He wanted

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1323 words - 6 pages in the family who is a scholar with dreams of becoming a professor but fails to pursue his dream and becomes depressed and sparks a gambling addiction after getting married to Natasha. We know a few different things about Andrei's physical appearance. In the beginning of the play his oldest sister Olga says that "Andrei would be handsome, only he’s really gained weight lately and it doesn’t suit him" (228). From this we can reason that Andrei

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2690 words - 11 pages Free To understand Beckett and the Theatre of the Absurd we must first go back to Beckett's roots in Irish theatre. It was Martin Esslin who coined the phrase 'The Theatre of the Absurd.' Esslin attributed this form of drama to the moment when 'the certitudes and unshakeable assumptions of former ages have been swept away, that they have been found wanting... The Theatre of the Absurd has renounced arguing about the absurdity of the human condition

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600 words - 3 pages My Brother’s Drug, written and directed by Rachel Mervis, is a play that combined spoken word, monologue, poetry and physical theatre, creating a diverse environment where the words written can be experienced through different mediums. The play explores topics such as drug addiction, homelessness, criminality and mental health. The story is told by an engaging performer, Elysia Wilson, who tells the story of a young women (whose name was not

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