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Aljbour 1
Mira Aljbour
Ms. Scherier
English 10
22 March 2018
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Individuals Living in a Censorshipped Society
Potter Stewart said “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.”
In ​Fahrenheit 451​, the government censors significant amounts of things from society. It can be
extremely risky, if individuals don't know something, they cant take action. They would depend
on the government, which makes them take advantage of this mostly. Ray ​Bradbury utilizes
censorship in the novel ​Fahrenheit 451​ to warn his audience that society becomes effortlessly
compelled to believe things, becomes brainwashed, and becomes oblivious to their surroundings.
It built up a scary dystopian society by using the help of technology, rules and order, and limited
educated people to make a change or difference.
The theme of censorship consists of three important parts which include technology,
dissatisfaction, and loss of knowledge. In order to build an unpleasant culture, the author tainted
the people with technology which changed their mentality of reality. Technology distracts
society from knowing the truth of the revolution failing: “Will you turn the parlour off?” he
asked. “That's my family.” (Bradbury 48-49) ​“‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked. ‘That’s
my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man?’ "'Now,' said Mildred. 'My 'family' are the
people people. (Bradbury 73). The word “family” represents Mildreds addiction with TV.
Aljbour 2
Demonstrating that she connects with the TV more than Montag. Which makes her conceal her
sentiments and feelings away and imagines that "family" gives her bliss. The genuine importance
of "family" in this novel is a relationship however without affection or feeling. As the meaning
of “family” meant technology, this caused the people to stop communication with one another.
They now rely upon TVs as devices to help them escape the world, getting away from realities
unhappiness and discomfort. Montag said that he wouldn't cry if Mildred dies by taking taking
too many sleeping pills. Also Mildred’s friends didn’t care when their husbands were taken or
even killed during war. Everybody is considered totally emotionless. Minds are being controlled
which represents another type of censorship: “It would be easy for someone to set up a partial
combination on the Hound’s ‘memory’…that would account for what the animal did just now.
Reacted toward me.” (Bradbury 26-27) Technology is so strong in the novel that it is powerful
than feelings of humans. Mildred is so fixated on sitting in front of the TV and rejects to have
discussions with Montag about their marriage. In this manner, her programs have turned into her
personality. This shows us how technology can affect people that technology can create
memories and reactions. Lowering human emotions and changing that idea with datas. The
“hound” represents the new dog, as firemen can control how it responds to others. They took
away the thoughts ...

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