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Website: Look And Feel Essay

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Website: Look and FeelThe Banking and Investment business is one of the more competitive type organizations in today's marketplace. To decrease cost and increase profit the banking industry is moving toward the virtual storefront and away from its grass-roots of the "bricks and mortar" business design. Like any business-to-consumer e-business venture, the primary focus would be to develop, operate, and manage the e-business website to increase membership of the organization's online customer base along with using the internet as an addition tool and benefit for other more traditional banking customers. Based on Netstore (2007, para. 4), "if your customer cannot find what they want and buy it ...view middle of the document...

However, Sharebuilder's website (2007) colors are a bit bolder. Even with the difference, they are all easy to read and understand. The graphics on each site were fast-loading; only one site ( activated a popup blocker notice.The sites are similar in functionality. However, USAA doesn't have its own search engine-at least not on its now member home web page. Each offers a full range of services. USAA Financial is a full service and fully integrated financial services company in America (, 2007). (better known as ING Direct) at least from the Television commercials, lists its services on the home page. They are all similar and secure site. Easy to navigate, with all tools needed to research the company and its products and services available to the customer.USAAThe web site for USAA has a very appealing and easy to maneuver design. The site offers many different arenas to navigate through to learn about their many features. I first noticed the login and password section and thought I would not be able to find out much information without going through a long process to acquire a login and password to the site, but to my surprise there is plenty of information to access without requiring logging in.Looking for banking and investment options I found that USAA offers a variety of checking, savings, money-market and CD accounts. The main office is in San Antonio Texas but all business can be conducted online. The bank mails to its customers a packet of information on the use of the internet and other features of the accounts offered. The packet includes postage paid envelopes for mailing in deposits, plenty of deposit slips, a pamphlet on making online deposits using a scanner and the internet and an explanation of fees. The accounts have ATM or debit cards that can be used just about any ATM and the debit card is through MasterCard. The fees accrued by using ATM's are credited back into the account to up to 10 a month.USAA banking also has free bill pay. The customer is able to set up the payees to the bills and either pay the same amount each month at the same time, or set it up to be adjusted with each payment. The site also provides email notification for many services. The customer can have email reminders sent when bills are due, when deposits go in, or when the balance gets to a certain amount.USAA offers banking, investing, credit cards, loans, insurance and advice to its customers. USAA was founded by the military to serve the military. There are many services aimed toward military members that other financial institutions either do not provide or are unaware of the needs. If the member purchases a vehicle financed through USAA there are no issues with shipping the vehicle overseas as a result of a change of tour. Many lien holders will not allow this which forces the service member to leave the car in the U.S. or sell the car quickly while preparing to go overseas. The investment services work with...

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