Why My Vote Matters Speech Starting With A Brief Story And Then Going Into A Speech Like Paper. Ap Lit Speech

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“Why My Vote Matters” Speech
It was a quiet Saturday night, and your family is just relaxing around the house. Your brother is playing video games in the basement, your mother is sitting on the living room floor playing with your dogs, your father is deployed, and you are sitting on the couch distracted by the thought “Why do I need to take Calculus 2?” You suddenly hear a banging on the door. It’s strange especially since no one invited people over, you didn’t order food, and your neighbors are away on a vacation. Your mother walks over to the door and opens it with caution. Suddenly a man barges his way through the door knocking your mother down on the floor. You are shoved to the living room floor as so is your mother. Your mother starts crying and cursing at the men in your house. Past your mother, you can see into the kitchen where your brother is being held at gunpoint, tears of hysteria and confusion stream down his face. He is only twelve years old and being threatened for his life. Without a word, the man that has been yelling at your mother signals the other. You feel the cement of fear traveling your veins as you watch your brother being marched out of the house at gunpoint. He cries that he’s scared and screams “HELP ME!” As he goes to reach for you, he is immediately thrown back towards the door. Behind him your mother moans as she is dragged out of the house by her hair in a bloody, beaten mess.
This would be our world without our democracy. This is where our voters think their votes don’t matter, but this is only one spot where they matter most. In their eyes, they are only one vote. “One vote won’t affect anything.”
As Americans, we don’t imagine this scenario taking place in our country, but as more and more Americans choose indiffere...


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522 words - 3 pages and then take her to the dance. Great plan, right? Of course, it was gonna be dope. Execution on the other hand? Well, far from that. So, it’s an hour before game time and I had no what my game plan was. I. I sat idle with a blank stare facing my closet. Okay, remember what you learned in middle school art class: complementary colors work best, right? I grab a pair of khakis, a baby blue shirt, and my all white low-top Converses . It’s not like I

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1532 words - 7 pages . Which it’s not. We have the right, by the second amendment, to own guns. Getting rid of guns is not the goal protestors want. As we all know, the majority gun owners are very responsible and law abiding. Giving guns to the right people is what we want to achieve, but having guns fall into the hands of the wrong people needs to stop. In America, it can take as much as an hour to get a gun into your hands, while in comparison to countries like