Ww1 The Reasons For Involvement And It's Key Players

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WW1Though there are many causes for different countries to have entered World War I, some of the main reasons were heightened nationalism, economic interest through colonial rivalry, and a balance of power in Europe. Key players were the Central powers consisting of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary; the Allies, a few of which were France, Great Britain and Russia.Europe was in the grip of nationalism in 1914. It was brought about by the aristocracy as a way to channel public energy toward national ventures and away from demands for increased democratization. People of the same ethnic backgrounds, language and ideals came to realize they had the right to self-determination, which could and ...view middle of the document...

In case of an attack, these agreements guaranteed that other members of the alliance would come to the country's aid. Although military alliances provided protection for a country, the system created certain dangers. Because of its alliances, a country might take risks in dealings with other nations that it would not take on alone. If war came, the alliance system meant that a number of nations would fight, not only the two involved in a dispute. Alliances could force a country to go to war against a nation it had no quarrel with or over an issue it had no interest in. In addition, the terms of many alliances were kept secret. The secrecy increased the chances that a country might guess wrong about the consequences of its actions.Germany was at the center of European foreign policy from 1870 until the outbreak of World War I. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, Germany's prime minister, formed a series of alliances to strengthen his country's security. He first made an ally of Austria-Hungary. In 1879, Germany and Austria-Hungary agreed to go to war if either country were attacked by Russia. Italy joined the agreement in 1882, and it became known as the Triple Alliance. The members of the Triple Alliance agreed to aid one another in the case of an attack by two or more countries. Bismarck also brought Austria-Hungary and Germany into an alliance with Russia. The Three Emperors' League was formed in 1881. The three powers agreed to remain neutral if any of them went to war with another country. Bismarck also persuaded Austria-Hungary and Russia to recognize each other's zone of authority in the region. Germany's relations with other European countries were affected after Bismarck left office in 1890. Bismarck had worked to prevent France, Germany's neighbor on the west, from forming an alliance with either of Germany's two neighbors to the east-Russia and...

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