Behind The Closed Door Of The Fashion Industry - Fashion - Essay

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Behind the closed doors of the fashion industry
Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of
behavior (Google, 2018). In modern society, people have accustomed to ignore the true world.
This is shown through social media, and how people have a self-elaborated image of reality
through their screens. They only believe what they want to see, and don’t go beyond visualizing
the outside world. For example, clothing brands. Such a glamorous topic with such an ugly story
behind it. The fashion industry has incorporated disgusting ethics into their businesses by
investing in outsourcing their products to be manufactured in developing countries like Indonesia
and Bangladesh. The decisions made by the industry are harming society in many ways. These
being by, not protecting workers, creating a sense of ignorance, and denying economic growth
(Maloney, 2015).
When companies outsource to different countries, they don’t think about the well being
of their workers. They outsource with the purpose to increase profits for their business, not to
help developing countries with jobs. In the video, “Made in Bangladesh” (CBC, 2013), it is
shown that workers are under severely dangerous conditions and have barely any space to move
within the factory. The companies that hire them take no responsibility in to inspecting the
premises of their work and clearly only care about the production of the garments instead of the
process. It was also shown how there were several fires and accidents due to the lack of revision
and inspection needed to be done by company officials. The vast amount of hazards within each
factory cost the life of thousands of workers. Of those thousands of companies involved, none
spoke up and took responsibility for their actions; instead, they tried covering it up to save their
reputations. Thus, the fashion industry endangers their foreign workers.
Because of the outsourcing issue, the fashion industry has created a sense of ignorance in
society. From young to old, people have ignored the blood, sweat, and tears imprinted into their
clothing. While scrolling through instag...

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