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Criminal Justice System
The law enforcement, court, and correctional agencies that work together to the apprehension,
prostitution, and control of criminal offenders. They are charged with maintaining order,
enforcing the law, identifying transgressions, bringing the guilty into justice, and treating
criminal behavior.
Criminal Justice Process
The decision-making points from the initial investigation or arrest by police to the eventual
release of the offender and his or her reentry into society; The various sequential criminal justice
stages through which the offender passes.
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)
Funded by the federal government’s safe streets act, this agency provided technical assistance
and hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to local and state justice agencies between 1969 to
Social Control
The control of an individual’s behavior by social and institutional forces in society.
In-presence Requirement
With a few exceptions, in order to make an arrest in a misdemeanor, a police officer must have
witnessed the crime personally.
Nolle Prosequi
Is the term used when a prosecutor decides a to drop a case after a complaint has been formally
made. Reasons for a ​nolle prosequi ​include evidence insufficiency, reluctance of witnesses to
testify, police error, and office policy.
Grand Jury
A type of hurt responsible for investigating alleged crimes, examining evidence, and issuing
True Bill of Indictment
A written statement charging a defendant with the commission of a crime, drawn up by a
prosecuting attorney and considered by a grand jury. If the grand jury finds sufficient evidence to
support the indictment, it will issue a true bill of indictment.
Charging document filed by the prosecution that forms the basis of the preliminary hearing.
Probable Cause Hearing
Term used in some jurisdictions for a preliminary hearing to show cause to a trial.
Courtroom Work Group
The phrase used to indicate that all parties in the adversary process work together in a
cooperatively to settle cases with the least amount of effort and conflict.
Crime Control Perspective
A model of criminal justice that emphasizes the control of dangerous offenders and the
protection of society. Its advocates call for harsh punishments as a deterrent to crime and support
availability of the death penalty.
Rehabilitation Perspective
The view that the primary purpose of criminal Justice is helping to care for people who cannot
manage themselves. Crime is an expression of frustration anger created by social inequality and
can be controlled by giving people that means to improve their lifestyle through conventional
Due Process Perspective
Due process provides the basic rights of a defendant in criminal proceedings and the
requirements for a fair trial.
Nonintervention Perspective
The view of criminal justice that emphasizes the least intrusive treatment possible. Among its
central policies are...

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