Clinton Impeachment And Conterversys - Essay For Clinton Impeachment - Essay

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The Odyssey: Expository Essay Assignment
An expository essay seeks to define, explain, or illustrate an idea
Writing Task:
You are to select one of the topics below and complete an expository essay as your writing
You must first complete an outline as your prewriting work (worth 50 points).
Next, you must search for quotes or examples from the text that help in your explanation/essay
AND record the book number from which you found that quote (worth 50 points).
You will also be graded on content and style of the opening paragraph: broad beginning
narrowing to a thesis statement and citing your source.
You will be graded on the content and style of each body paragraph and each body paragraph
must contain at least 2 concrete details supported by 2 commentaries per concrete detail.
You will be graded on the content and style of the concluding paragraph and the concluding
paragraph must contain all commentary, no concrete details.
You must have at least 5 paragraphs: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
You must also have a title for your writing.
You must use size 12, Calibri or Arial font and you must double space your document.
You must use the same font type and size for your title and put one extra space only between it
and the essay.
You must have an MLA style name and title. Nothing may be in the header section of this
document except a page number and your last name in the following format: Fish, 1 (use the
“insert -> page number” menu option on MS Word).
You must have at least two subordinate clauses in each paragraph. The essay first draft: 50
points. The essay final draft: 100 points.
I take off points for fragments, run-on sentences, spelling errors, leaving words out,
capitalization errors, punctuation errors. Each mistake is 5 points off. I expect you to use your
resources to make corrections. Learning to use resources...

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