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Final draft
Ships have contributed to our economy by providing a variety of jobs, like for example; boatsteerers, harpooners, blacksmith, carpenter, cook and etc. (Source 2) As an individual I personally think that ships have changed our society and economy/cultures. As a group we’d all have to agree that it have changed our economy and culture for the better. My reasoning for that statement is that it makes trading items easier, travel (back then it was better than recent times) a little harder but durable, and last but not least ships/boats allow us to hunt and fish for food and money. Generally speaking lets’ get into our first topic, trade.
Topic One-
Now ‘n’ days we (USA) get everything imported and also we export items. Ships make it easier to trade items with other states if needed. This has made a big change to our culture back then and also today as well. I’m sure without trade and ships our society would be very different then what it is today. (Cultures have a tendency to be affected when trade is involved. Source 4). Back then ships had made a big difference because they could sell items and trade for money. Now lets’ get into traveling.
Topic Two-
Traveling back then changed the culture so much mainly because when people would travel before boats/ships they would have to walk many miles. Having boats/ships made it easier...


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2201 words - 9 pages and create the world's climate Main processes that affect a climate system are precipitation evaporation wind flow and ocean currents Basically the components are analyzed with cause and affect or for climate scientists forcing and response · Forcing factors that cause change · Climate Response factors that change because of forces Earth’s climate has and will change a lot · Hot and Dry spell in 1930 in great plains of usa · Ice covered canada 21

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1153 words - 5 pages means his stamina is high and he can run from predators or hunt for food. On the bad side Mr. Wu is HIV positive and has a marijuana habit. Mr Wu responds well to an HIV Cocktail which is therapy treatment in a medicine. He has a month left of supply to run off of in case we get stuck in here for a while but after that month he’ll have to start using the medicine that we have at the facility. Last up we’ve selected 76 year old Mr. Hunter Thompson