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Commercialization Of "Right Start" Breakfast Cereal

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The product "Right Start" will be introduced to the market by a program aimed at establishing, maintaining, and expanding on a customer base through the use of elaborate product promotion, marketing, and sales promotion. This scheme will involve the segmentation of the total market for the identification of a primary target market so as to direct promotion and marketing towards a specific audience, the differentiation of the product "Right Start" breakfast cereal from the pre-existing products of competitors of "Let's Go", the use of product promotion, advertising/ marketing, and sales promotion, and the consideration of any legal and ethical issues facing the commercialisation / health ...view middle of the document...

Promotion will occur based on the primary target market and will convey "Right Start" as a healthy breakfast cereal that has a positive impact on health and weight. (Depiction of "Right Start" as being high in fibre, essential trace minerals, proteins, and vitamins, whilst being low in cholesterol)Through the utilization of Product Differentiation, "Right Start" will be distinguished and ultimately made to appear superior to the products of competitors, which will in turn increase the sales potential of the product. This product differentiation will involve a large focus on the presentation of the product: careful consideration of box shape and size, as well as the use of distinctive branding, symbols, logos, and colours (The use of a soft pink, white and red colour scheme to achieve both effective differentiation and enhancement as a feminine product). "Right Start" will also be promoted as a convenient breakfast cereal choice, so as to attract busy consumers or those who are concerned with the relative ease in the preparation of the cereal- achieved by the cereal being packaged in a large, resealable zip lock bag containing a scooping cup. The product will be further differentiated from competitor products through the adoption of an "organic" ideology that involves using only organic ingredients over genetically modified equivalents and the use of a heart foundation approval logo. (Differentiates "Right Start" as a healthy breakfast cereal choice that benefits heart health). Through the consideration of branding and presentation, symbols, logos and colours, in conjunction with a convenience and organic ingredients based ideology, "Right Start" will gain competitive advantage within its primary target market. "Right Start" by "Let's Go" will be promoted through the use of a promotion mix with the aim of attracting new customers, reinforcing product image to increase loyalty and for the encouragement of continued consumerism. A large focus will be placed on advertising, in which said advertisement of the product "Right Start" will be distributed through a range of media mediums, these being radio, television, and newspapers. However, the main media medium that is to be used is broadcast television, as this will allow "Let's Go" to target specific psychographic profiles through the use of advertising during certain programmes that have relevance to the product, such as health and fitness based television programmes. Advertising through the internet as a medium would involve the creation of several social media accounts, as well as a content rich website, through which product awareness within the market would be increased by competitions and giveaways, email and article marketing, as well as allowing consumer feedback, so as to create an effective online presence and a sense of high service that competitors would otherwise be unable to achieve. Such a large focus on internet marketing is based on statistics which suggest that 70% of consumers...

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