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Prompt : Role modelFacing my veranda is a sight whose soothing and reassuring effect has worked miracles on me. Like a poster advert, I stand, my first sights and sounds of the day, with a cup of tea on the verandah gazing at a garden full of evergreen plants, shrubs and trees : Ficus, Egyptian Fir, Pisonia, Bougainville, Indian Almond, Mango, Yellow Gulmohur, Jamun and Palm trees. I realize the uncanny addiction to this sight when travelling or out for a few days.Hitched to this sight is a surpassing one - a figure, wiry and gaunt, with a spray pipe in hand. Our mali ( hindi word for gardener ), seven days a week, is seen tending to plants and trees. He works the early morning shift from 5.30 to 9. Re-potting, fertilizing, pruning, replanting, clearing the withered or decayed leaves, gently excavating the weeds, moping grass etc., he has become an omnipresent fig ...view middle of the document...

But it has rarely sustained the ravages of daily cares and work. It keeps coming back but leaves remnants whose undercurrents are deep enough to bring a urge, like a lover pining for the past, craving to relive those moments only to realize the delusion. I resent this desirable state of mind he so effortlessly gets into.Daji is the most underpaid person in my circle of acquaintances. His monthly salary is Rs.2000. He has a family of four - two sons and a wife. He has managed to do four shifts a day at different locations and get a decent education for his sons ( he is illiterate ) His sons have now finished graduation and are working. But he insists that they get a post-graduate degree, he tells me in a ( rarely heard ) irritating tone. Never rancorous or moping, he is unfailingly positive and cheerful. He often comes to our house to do the monthly pruning and trimming with a few plants and climbers. In an animated tone, bereft of any patronizing, he counsels us on new varieties of plants, puts forward new plans for the coming season, takes the money and leaves. Daji, besieged by lofty ideas of competition and success, would be judged as someone who was lacking in 'aggression and spirit'. They say - the 'grown-ups'- he should have worked harder. He should have looked for a corporate landscaping assignment. But Daji is my unsung hero - the role model whose unflinching dedication for his work and family, his humane spirit, and the ability to stay in a 'flow' is something that sends the most accomplished people in a desperate search of redemption from a master or a guru. Human beings, after all, for all their achievements, are struggling for self confidence. I have read many a corporate CEO repeat the 'Daji' mantra in various disguises - do what you love to do, stay hungry, work is god etc. They are looking for a permanent state of 'Daji' phenomenon. My solitary gardener would be a role model for many people if they could only, I dare say, 'see'. This reminds me of a Booker-prize-winning title by Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things.


To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’ - undergraduate - essay

1758 words - 8 pages Tma05 K101 2 ‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’ Part A –Essay plan 1. Question: ‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’ 2. Introduction; Evidence- care includes three parts to be effective: · research-based evidence, · clinical expertise · patient’s ideals and preferences. · Evidence-based care can be described as the process of using research and evidence

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1220 words - 5 pages Dear Admissions Committee, My name is Tejas Viswanathan and I am a current senior at FlexSchool in Berkeley Heights, NJ. I have applied as an undergraduate freshman for Temple University and I would absolutely love to be a student there. It is in fact, my top choice. There are many reasons why I would be a good fit at Temple, and would enjoy my experience there. First and foremost, I love the diversity of the school. As I am an Indian, I want to

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2365 words - 10 pages Running head: APA STYLE 1 APA STYLE 3 Writing Papers in APA Style for Dr. Murphy’s Classes Lonna M. Murphy Passaic County Community College Writing Papers in APA Style for Dr. Murphy’s Classes Warning: This may not be enough guidance for other classes, but it will help you in my class. Basics: APA style has to do with how you format a paper for other psychologists to read. Your textbook is written in APA style, but most of APA style has to do

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1287 words - 6 pages discern Allah’s love, his peace, and compassion. I believe Surah 55 is trying to teach us without following the path Allah has set for us the only destination we can truly find is the path to damnation. I will examine this text in the Qur’an to see what mysteries and insights we are able to be unlocked. Surah 55 ar-Rahman (The Compassionate) appears to define and characterize the blessings of Allah and suggests gratitude should be realized by

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2695 words - 11 pages 8 Upon arguing the intricacies and meaning of justice, Socrates questions Adeimantus, brother of Glaucon son of of Ariston, "There is, we say, justice of one man; and there is, surely, justice of a whole city too?"[footnoteRef:1] Adeimantus agrees with this statement and thus bringing the theory, of the inter-relationship between justice in the city and justice in the soul. The essay aims to examine weather the limitations of the city and soul

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598 words - 3 pages Free Yves Leveille 0297757 Per 50H30 Ms. Norris 02/19/2018 Goals Essay Before coming to Georgia Military College, I would call myself a lost child. My mom and dad had invested so much money into my education and would even rub the fact that the other five siblings of mine graduated high school and college with high honors. I’ve spent the last year looking at myself from within trying to figure who I am. One career choice that has caught my

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1682 words - 7 pages Katie Hillman Professor Fisher Writing for College - Civic Engagement 3/8/18 Formal Essay 1 Sex Education: A Conversation We Can No Longer Avoid Imagine that your first exposure to sex education is a woman being compared to a pair of dirty gym sneakers, a used toothbrush, or a piece of chewed up gum because she engaged in healthy sexual activity before marriage. The red lights are flashing, and the warning signs are going off in your head. The

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544 words - 3 pages Free is today. In this essay, I will be talking about Thomas Edison’s life, their work, and how it perceived today. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio. In his childhood, he and his family moved to family moved to Port Huron, Michigan in 1854. Thomas went to school there but was soon pulled out of school by his mom due to his hyperactivity and was difficult to handle. His mom homeschooled him which was a “major influence” later

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1420 words - 6 pages police in managing information via suspect prioritisation. Whilst geographic profiling was originally established for analysing serial murder incidents, it has now been extended to include rape, sexual assault, robbery and more recently to various other crimes such as kidnapping, burglary and vandalism (Rossmo, 2012). This essay will aim to emphasise evidence in contrary to and in favour of geographic profiling. Geographic profiling stems from the

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423 words - 2 pages Zamira Flucas Bennet College 11/29/18 Dr. Roberts Brain storming ideas for my English essay the topics I would like to concreate on will be the following topics listed above · Class room size…. I think I should speak on how in the public-school system seems to have a tendency on making classroom sizes to large. Speak on how it makes it difficult for teacher to teach along with keep up with each student in the class. Also, Zamira you need to

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734 words - 3 pages all aspects including my professionalism. The first thing I did for this module was set up a project schedule. Project schedules are extremely useful, and it kept me on track throughout my whole paper work and filmmaking process. A project schedule is majorly useful, and it contributed massively to my film. I’d set up two schedules, one was a film schedule which showed a full recce and times for the shoot day, the other was for the entire project

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577 words - 3 pages Free of your paper. 2/ You can start your paper with an introductory paragraph that establishes the cultural context for the photographs. In it you can indicate: your family’s ethnic background; whether other languages besides English were spoken in your childhood home; your economic situation; whether you lived in an extended family, a nuclear family, with a single parent, etc. 3/ The body of your paper should be divided into two main parts, each

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626 words - 3 pages La Otra Conquista: Reflexión Como todos sabemos, la conquista de las Américas o “el nuevo mundo” tuvo un efecto político y demográfico que alteró y cambió la historia del mundo por siempre; sin embargo, es importante reconocer el efecto que este último tuvo sobre la población y civilizaciones de las Américas. Precisamente, La película titulada “La Otra Conquista” nos provee con un vistazo de cómo fue severamente afectada la población de las

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803 words - 4 pages aggravating factors and it also assists the judge to effectively use his discretion to decide on the best sentence for the offender. An example of a victims impact statement where it helped the judge conclude that the victims life and studies have been totally disrupted by the event and suffered considerable distress is McCartney v R (2009) A male found guilty of sexual assault was sentenced to two year imprisonment. Discretion plays an important role

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741 words - 3 pages students to gain their education. Silence and “rote-and-drilled curricula” (p. 209) Prescribed schedules with classes in vocations allow little imagination and hope for the future. Students that have aspirations of college and grander futures are not encouraged or offered classes to prepare them instead they are handed the same vocation heavy schedules. Kozol evaluated the educators in these institutions finding that the teachers in more