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Company Motivation Essay

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Background of the IndustryWalt Disney (December 5, 1901-December 15, 1966) along with his brother Roy Disney is the Co-founders of the Walt Disney Company that is formerly known as Walt Disney Productions. Walt Disney became one of the best known motion picture producers in the world with annual revenues of approximately $35 billion.The Disney brothers put their money together to purchase a cartoon studio in Hollywood. They first started with a series called Alice Comedies, which ended in 1927, and went on to Felix the Cat. By 1927, an all new all-animated series of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit began and was almost an instant success. In February 1928, Disney lost all rights to the Oswald ...view middle of the document...

They can even make plans because on this website it has the park hours, entertainment schedule, pre-arrival tips, driving directions, special events, special occasions, along with special offers and discounts according to the Walt Disney Company.The financial highlights for five years are: Revenues for 2004 was 41,874 million, 2005 was 42,797 million, 2006 was 50,727 million, 2007 was 52,553 million and 2008 was 55,615 million. This information was retrieved from the Walt Disney Company.The Walt Disney Company believes being a good corporate citizen and it also benefits their guests, employees, and their businesses. It makes it a desirable place to work, reinforces their brands and products and it also strengthens their bonds with consumers and communities all over the world.Corporate CultureAt the Disney Corporation, the basic culture that has been instilled by management is one of creativity and fun. The mission and vision of the Walt Disney Company is based on a set of core values. These values are Innovation, Quality, Community, Storytelling, Optimism and Decency. These values are the basis of culture for the company and are also the values that provide intrinsic motivation to the employees working at Disney (Disney, 2010).In order to motivate Disney's employees, the management staff has created certain perks and benefits. In addition to standard employment benefits such as Health, Dental, and Life insurance Disney has added perks like free Theme Park Passports, Childcare Centers in Burbank and Orlando, Employee Stock Purchase Program, and a Personal Assistant Network (Disney, 2010). These types of perks and benefits provide extrinsic motivation to its employees in hopes of keeping long term employees happy.As well as providing fun perks for its employees, Disney has provided several different training opportunities to motivate its employees. For employees looking to move into management, the Disney Dimension and Disney Way programs provide for executive development. Employees are also given diversity training, computer skills training, professional and management development. Training and skills development further employee skills and abilities and typically allows for employees to stay with a company long term. These intrinsic motivators are key in maintaining employee satisfaction and prevents high turnover at the management level.In order to reward and honor those employees that have performed well, Disney management has a variety of rewards and recognition programs. Management recognizes quality of work, length of service, community volunteerism, and honors the employee of the month. These types of programs make the employees feel good about themselves and the work they do. It provides intrinsic motivation to be patted on the back for a job well done.Overall, the Walt Disney Company has worked hard at providing several different motivators to its employees in order to maintain a happy, healthy, long term workforce. In providing solid...

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