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Patrick Dacius (Dental Lab)
Abortion Counter-Claim
Mr. Burris
The debate about abortions has began to seem like an unconcluded conflict of rights. The question that always comes into the debate is if women should really be given the right to an abortion. I guess the reason as to why this debate has became a big deal is because of the intentions of our current president. Trump is taking away products that can help prevent pregnancy/abortions.
I believe that women should be given the right to abortion. I take this side in the debate because in my opinion this also plays a part in a women having the right to control their body. When having a debate about on the topic of abortions people focus too much on one aspect, which is the life of the baby. There is more to this topic and as to why women should be given the right to do so. Women also have to think about if this is the best choice for them due to the circumstances they are in at the time of the pregnancy. For example, in relation to the age they are, financial stability, & relationship stability.
Let's change the point of view from my side of the debate and focus on what the opposing side might use as an excuse as to why women should not be given the right to abortion. Someone with a different point of view might say that people should not be having unprotected sex unless they're planning to have a baby, but what about the female rape victims, although they can give that child up for adoption that child can grow up to feel as if they are unwanted and have pure sadness in their hearts. I don't know if those seem like minor consequences for you but this can cause problems for that child in the future.
In conclusion I still stand by my statement. Women's should have the right to abortion, not taking away the right to abortion makes them feel as if they still have the right to control their body, and make the decision that's best for them especially when they are aware that they wouldn't be able to take care of the baby to their full potential. I'm sure the debate will still continue on because of the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Hopefully my perspective can change the mind of some of the ones debating supporting women not having the right to abortion.


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