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Drug Free Workplace Evaluation Essay

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AbstractDrug-Free workplace programs will help to improve workplace safety and employee health in any organization, regardless of the industry. The University of Purdue has implemented a specific guideline of tolerance regarding a Drug-Free Workplace policy.Drug-Free Workplace EvaluationAccording to the United States Department of Labor, "Employers and employees should work together to examine each component and design a balanced, fair program suited to the unique needs and challenges of the workplace. (USDOL, 2009)" The paper will discuss whether Purdue University (PU) has clearly defined their drug-free policy, has UP implemented a comprehensive drug awareness and education program, does ...view middle of the document...

More efficiency and accuracy is expected by employees with the use of cell phone, fax, scan and e-mail ability, voicemail and e-mail correspondence. Many employees find themselves responsible for working smarter and more efficiently; therefore, responding and working in a different manner than what was preciously accustomed to. Purdue University evaluates employee's performance based on levels of productivity. In the event a personal life issue, performance of the employee may decrease. At Purdue University "the employees work environment appreciates the challenges of life events… the employee is supported by their supervisor, WorkLife services, or human resources… they have a safety net. (PU, 2004) Purdue University understands an employee's life or work performance affects the organizations bottom line; therefore, they create an environment which accommodates diversity and utilizes the environment to attain business goals.Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace PolicyPurdue University has clearly defined what is considered non-tolerable behavior in their Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Purdue University is very specific in definition of terms within the policy. Following are a few examples of clearly defined terms:o"Alcohol means the intoxicating agent in beverage alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or other low molecular weight alcohols including methyl or isopropyl alcohol. (PU, 2004)"o"Controlled substances (or "drugs") refers to any drug or substance whose use is legally prohibited including, but not limited to, marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), amphetamines (including methamphetamines). (PU, 2004)"o"Employee(s) means faculty, staff, or student employees. (PU, 2004)"o"Student(s) means any person taking one or more classes for academic credit. (PU, 2004)"o"University premises mean any building, structure, vehicle, improved land, or unimproved land, in whole or part, which is owned, used, or occupied by the University. (PU, 2004)"o"Workplace means any University premise or other location where an employee is engaged in University business. (PU, 2004)"Purdue University clearly defines what is considered prohibited conduct and the consequences of engagement in such conduct. Following are a few examples of clearly consequences of an employee:o"Immediately removed from duty. (PU, 2004)"o"Referred to the Employee Assistance Program. (PU, 2004)"o"Required to complete successfully an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program as a condition of employment. (PU, 2004)"o"Reported to authorities for criminal prosecution or other appropriate action. Disciplined, up to and including termination of employment. (PU, 2004)"o"Subject to any other appropriate action by the University. (PU, 2004)"Drug Awareness and Education ProgramsPurdue University offers a drug awareness and education program for both students and employees. The program available for employees is referred to as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is a Purdue...

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