Managerial Accounting Budgeting Singapore Management University Ma Project

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1) Industry
2) Company Analysis
3) Evaluation (How to lower cost)
4) Strategy (How to increase Revenue)
5) Balance Scorecard
6) MA related issues, suggestions or recommendations. Include any other assumptions
1.1 Strengths & Weaknesses of BT Addiction Treatment Center’s business model
Segmenting BT operations into qualitative and quantitative aspects, we see that BT’s strengths primarily come from a qualitative viewpoint and their weaknesses are quantitative in nature. These factors would be further elaborated below.
1.1.1 Strengths: BT has a huge range of diverse and comprehensive services to treat substance abuse, BT can be thought as a one-stop place for such treatments. Their reputation is further enhanced by excellent patient testimonials and their unwavering attention to patients as attested by low client-to-staff ratio. Their staffs are highly trained and well-equipped
to respond to patient needs. Lastly, they have a strong mission statement to provide excellent and innovative services.
1.1.2 Weaknesses: BT lacks a specialized accounting department where they could to ensure BT turns a profit for the budgeted year ahead. Another weakness is BT’s over-reliance on Medicaid for revenue. BT should diversify as Medicaid volume is capped, limiting room to increase BT’s Revenue further through Medicaid. Lastly, their business model is vulnerable, slight variations in operations can throw BT into Net Operating Loss.
1.2 Industry Analysis: The substance abuse industry had a value of $31 Billion in 2014 and is projected to reach $42 Billion in 2020, giving a CAGR of 5.2% (Gruber and Boyd, 2017). Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ranked Ohio as the top 5 leading states in terms of drug or alcohol abuse rates (Ohio Drug Statistics,2018). Ohio State, where BT is in, had statically higher Opioid prescription and death rates compared to other states (Fig 1). Ohio is seen as a state lagging in combating Opioid usage (Figs 2&3). However, Ohio State are taking steps to improve this pandemic and they are spending at least 90 Cents for every dollar in dealing with the fallout of this drug and alcohol abuse trend.
1.2.1 Opportunities: There is an upward trend of substance abuse in Ohio (Ohio Drug, 2018) , BT has to ensure there is excess capacity to cater to the anticipated rise in volume and avoid missing prospective Revenue and Contribution Margin (CM). Another growing trend is the rise of overseas patients seeking substance abuse treatments in the US. This is opportune for BT to increase revenue from the Private-pay sector. Offering Off-campus programs for Corporations, governmental departments or other NGOs is another promising area that BT could investigate. These programs tap into existing Fixed Costs, provides for less variability in their Revenue and greater CM.
1.2.2 Threats: Cutting Discretionary FC to meet Short-term cost concerns is a possibility but may have an adverse impact on Long-term revenues. Employees may be enticed...


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