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Early Intervention Essay

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Christine EpleySPED 512Autism AssessmentI am a 5th grade teacher. In my class this year, I have a new child that has Asperger's syndrome. This child has been participating in full inclusion since Kindergarten. He was pulled out for services that focused mostly on his ability to relate to peers. His CUM folders states that that when this child would communicate with his peers he spoke very loudly. When a child would ask him to lower his voice this child would respond by screaming at his ...view middle of the document...

I teach at a Catholic School, and we do provide pull out assistance for our children. We have Special Education teachers that come onto our campus. The teachers do not assist us in our rooms, nor do we have aids that assist us. I began to see that I needed to intervene and provide this child with reinforcement that would change the way he is interacting with his peers.I created and ABC chart that would help me focus on different behaviors. I create a chart to help me assist this child with the volume and tone of his voice when dealing with his peers.I noticed that when this child would that this child would turn red, fidget more, rock in his chair more just before he would raise the volume of his voice. I observed that this was not always done as a sign of angry at another child. I noted that this occurred when the child did not understand a new concept introduced in class, if a child offered assistance, and when he became agitated with another student.I create the chart so that when I noticed the small signs that the volume of his voice was going to rise. My goal with this chart was to help this child with his problem of screaming at his peers. This will be accomplished by teacher support, and prompts, this student will be able to verbally discuss negative feelings or frustrations instead of screaming at his peers.

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