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Christine EpleySPED 512Autism AssessmentI am a 5th grade teacher. In my class this year, I have a new child that has Asperger's syndrome. This child has been participating in full inclusion since Kindergarten. He was pulled out for services that focused mostly on his ability to relate to peers. His CUM folders states that that when this child would communicate with his peers he spoke very loudly. When a child would ask him to lower his voice this child would respond by screaming at ...view middle of the document...

I teach at a Catholic School, and we do provide pull out assistance for our children. We have Special Education teachers that come onto our campus. The teachers do not assist us in our rooms, nor do we have aids that assist us. I began to see that I needed to intervene and provide this child with reinforcement that would change the way he is interacting with his peers.I created and ABC chart that would help me focus on different behaviors. I create a chart to help me assist this child with the volume and tone of his voice when dealing with his peers.I noticed that when this child would that this child would turn red, fidget more, rock in his chair more just before he would raise the volume of his voice. I observed that this was not always done as a sign of angry at another child. I noted that this occurred when the child did not understand a new concept introduced in class, if a child offered assistance, and when he became agitated with another student.I create the chart so that when I noticed the small signs that the volume of his voice was going to rise. My goal with this chart was to help this child with his problem of screaming at his peers. This will be accomplished by teacher support, and prompts, this student will be able to verbally discuss negative feelings or frustrations instead of screaming at his peers.


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762 words - 4 pages ’ which warrants the use of military forces. (UN resolution 794) Bellamy (2004, p.70) claims that “By the mid- 1990’s there was widespread recognition of the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention sanctioned by the Security Council.” In 1999 Tony Blair claimed that “sovereignty is not a veil that human rights abuses can hide behind”. (Blair, 1999) Also, in early 2001, Tony Blair spoke about “a ‘moral duty’ to provide international military and

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1589 words - 7 pages  risk  of  suicide  but  in  order  for  those  to  be  effective,  they  must  be  learned  and  practiced  consistently.  Early  detection  of  warning  signs  like  withdrawal  from  family  and  friends,  depression,  dramatic  changes  in  grades  and  drug  or  alcohol  abuse  can  be  detrimental  in  an  early  intervention  for  a  suicidal

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1765 words - 8 pages Creation, Evolution and Intervention:Which Theory is Correct?For: Mrs. Talbot bbClass: Socioledgy88Date Due: Oct. 9/96By: Neel Ghelani89Creation, Evolution and Intervention:Which Theory is CorrectFor many years, it has been widely debated how modern man came about. In this essay, I will explain the ideas of the three main theories: Evolution, Creation, and Intervention. I will also discuss which theory I believe and why it is that I believe

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4434 words - 18 pages Free Non-Intervention Agreement, which the British were determined to keep to regardless. Other countries found a way to get around the Agreement to intervene in the conflict. Early in the War, the Germans disguised their support for the Nationalists by providing resources through Portugal. Lacking the assistance of France, Britain and the United States, the Republic relied on the Soviet Union for help as well as the volunteers from the International

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1730 words - 7 pages . Evidence-Based Remediation/Accommodation Practices There are different students in the classroom and each has their different needs. Some problems in the classroom cannot be remediated and do need accommodations. If intervention s are done early, it will help students to understand their needs and allows them to take responsibility for their learning. The suggested evidence-based practices to use for this group are Leveled Literacy Intervention

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4564 words - 19 pages program to be effective (Education Endowment Foundation, 2015). This pleads the question apropos the timing of the intervention. If the child has the program applied too late then the traits can take time to reverse if the child has normalised the anti-social habits (Rose-Krasnor, 1997); Rubin and Rose-Krasnor, 1992) Furthermore research suggests intervention would be most effective in the early years of life when children are more malleable. As a

Special Education: From Detection To Referral

1347 words - 6 pages that is not biased based on race, culture, or language. The last component requires parental participation in the decision making process of their child's education.Since this legislation was passed in 1975 there have been many additions and alterations made to it. One of the reauthorizations made was the PL 99-457 in 1986, which extended the benefits to include early intervention to infants and toddlers with disabilities ages birth to three

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1542 words - 7 pages policies, but these policies are beyond their realm of application outside of school. The federal government needs to make a law that all school districts randomly drug-test their students. Randomly drug testing students has many benefits: it discourages teens from using drugs, it would give teens a reason to say no when faced with peer pressure and more. Drug testing also means early intervention on students’ drugs habits before they become dependent

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1868 words - 8 pages individuals, corporate and non-government organisations (8). Beyond Blue could be argued as being all three of three levels on prevention primary, secondary and tertiary. Out of the 5 action areas in the Ottawa Charter, beyondblue falls into almost all of them. Developing Personal Skills is shown by educating people about depression and anxiety and raises awareness which allows for early intervention and prevention (9). Beyondblue has shown the action

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1289 words - 6 pages shape (Smolak, 2012). Poor body image during adolescence can have a significant detrimental impact on both psychological and physical health; therefore there is a recognised need for early interventions to reduce the onset of body dissatisfaction amongst youth (Littleton & Ollendick, 2003). Growing evidence supports school-based interventions, due to their ability to reach larger and more diverse groups of young people, as one of the most efficacious

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3035 words - 13 pages scope of research. Bernstein, Gifford and Holmes (2009) summarizes the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) views and conclusions about the importance of universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS), early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI), and subsequent follow ups and referrals as the first line of defense for infants at risk of hearing loss. The study by Halliday, Rosen and Tuomainen (2017) examines language development and other factors

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2097 words - 9 pages build relationships rapport with the service user and professionals ensuring the best outcomes. Further to this I will look at the crisis intervention theory with regards Angharad’s need for intervention by outside agencies and how this theory applies to her situation along with some legislative material relating to this case. As Angharad is at a point of crisis in her life I would apply Crisis Intervention theory, I think this is the best

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960 words - 4 pages culture has formed a large part of Australia as a nation, it’s history and culture. The disadvantage is most evident in the indicators of employment, child mortality, year 12 attainment and reading and numeracy, with three areas of importance being life expectancy, early childhood education and school attendance. Being a decade after the introduction of the program, the evaluation of its effectiveness is crucial to determining the future success and

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846 words - 4 pages although all his dreams were falling apart; devoted life to nuclear fusion for world energy but it burnt downFinally got recognition when there was a statue in Utah and Washington DCFarnsworth was an outsider, romance with ….Case study (last week)Hollywood and Latin AmericaThe Monroe doctrine (1823)Regular armed intervention in Latin America to protest US interestsNot the same as Europeans style colonialism1932 Roosevelt; policy wsant working

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3701 words - 15 pages Intractable Conflict Helen Chauncey likens their work in acheiving coexistence to the early human-rights era. Many have noted the strong interdependence between human rights violations and intractable conflict. Abuse of human rights often leads to conflict, and conflict typically results in human rights violations. It is not surprising, then, that human rights abuses are often at the center of wars and that protection of human rights is central to