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SURVEY REPORT: TCS Project - PGCIL SAP Implementation
Name: Kaurik Saxena
Andrew ID: kauriks
My survey takes a drive back into the time when I worked for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Through this survey paper I attempt to elucidate on the SAP implementation project that I was a part of during my tenure with TCS. We shall talk about the company’s IT project which involved stepping into the domains of a power transmission industry in India undergoing an ERP system automation and discuss the roadmap of success for the project along with major challenges and road blocks faced during the different stages in the project. This survey leads us to the lessons and important learnings that can be derived from the experience. We establish some of the best practices for such projects with large scale software implementation and draw conclusions to the analysis carried out.
Company Profile
TCS is an Indian IT business solutions and consulting services company operating in 46 countries. Market capitalization places TCS as one of the largest IT services brand worldwide. It stands on the 9th place by revenue for IT services providers.
Talking about the client which was Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) an electric utility company that provides the framework for 50% of power transmission over its infrastructure.
TCS bagged the project for automation of the client business and through modal demos and client presentations, SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) ERP system was choice of product for mapping the business.
Information Technology and Challenges
As a match to the company business, the SAP ECC 6 / EHP version 5/7 was deemed as a fit model to the business environment and largely covered all functional areas and requisites for the processes.
Being in the project during all the phases, helped me analyse the statistics of progress and milestones as marked by the management. Overall the project can be called as a success story owing the deliverables that were met within the planned schedule. The nature of being public sector (partly government owned) client invoked complex scenarios which however posed a number challenges for the TCS team. This ranged from tackling the intricate complexities and use cases for the client to mapping vendor capabilities.
SAP holds ground to be a true master map for any business that follows the footsteps of production, maintenance and distribution. SAP can in a way be defined as a Component Based ERP software that fulfils the requirements of different departments in the business.
My role in the project was that of a techno-functional consultant so I was lucky enough to have an insight on either end: Analysis-Design and Implementation. The technical implementation had to cover five major scopes of business:
a) SAP MM, PM & EHS (Material Management, Plant Maintenance & Environment Health and safety) – Handling O&M (Operations and Maintenan...


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