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​ Nutrition and Health Unit 2 Test Review
Macronutrients - carbohydrates, protein, lipids, water
Why are they needed?
- The most important source of energy for your body
- Prevent our bodies from using protein as a main source of energy
- Regulate the amount of sugar in our bodies
- Assist your body to digest calcium
- Provide nutrients to our intestinal tract to help you digest
What types are there?
2 types of carbohydrates ​SIMPLE AND COMPLEX
Simple carbohydrates Complex carbohydrates
- Simple sugars
consisting of one unit
- 3 most common are:
Glucose (fruit +
vegetables), fructose
(honey, fruits,
Galactose (derived of
milk, sugar lactose)
- The body converts
these sugars to serve
as a quick energy
- 2 simple molecules
linked together
- Disaccharides digest
to form
- Three most common
disaccharides are:
sucrose (granulated
sugar), maltose
(grain), lactose (milk)
- Complex chain of 3 or
more thousand
sample sugars
- Slowly and evenly
releases glucose to
the bloodstream
- Includes: starch
(cereal, grins, beans),
glycogen (form in
which the body stores
glucose), fibre
Soluble Insoluble
- Filaments (dissolves) in the stomach
to get a gel like substance, regulating
the absorption of nutrients
- lowers blood cholesterol and lessen
spikes in blood sugar after eating,
reducing your risk of heart disease
type 2 diabetes
- Passes through your digestive
system mostly unchanged, becoming
part of your stool
- Helping you avoid constipation
- Helps you feel full
What are the food sources for it?
- Pasta, bread, legumes, potatoes, rice
Why are they needed?
- Needed for growth and repair of body tissues
- Helps keep hair, eyes, skin, muscles and bones in good conditions
- Made up of amino acids - the building blocks of proteins
- Our bodies use 20 amino acids
- 8 of these are ESSENTIAL because they cannot be made in the body
- 12 of these are NOT ESSENTIAL because they are to be made in the body
- Helps makes antibodies to fight diseases
- Build body proteins
- Provide essential amino acids not made in the body
What types are there?
Complete Incomplete
- Contains all 8 essential amino acids
- Meat
- Poultry
- Eggs
- Dairy
- Missing one or more essential amino
- Vegetables
- Grains
- Nuts
What happens if you don’t eat enough
What happens if you eat too much protein?
- Poor muscle tone
- Prone to infections and diseases
- The excess will be stored as fat
What are the sources for it?
- Meet, poultry, beans, almonds
Lips (fats)
Why are they needed?
- Fats, oils and related compounds such as cholesterol
- Fats and oil provide a concentrated source of energy = twice amount of energy
provided by carb or proteins
- They are responsible for absorbing fat- soluble vitamins A,D,E,K
- Giving shape to your body, promoting healthy skin and helping insulate in the body
- Transmitting nerve signals effectively (the brain is about ...

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