Health Mythbusters: Why Myths About Drugs Exist In The Community Carlingford Assignment

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Myths about drugs exist in our community due to it having a slightly different affect to everyone and that can lead to misinformation. For example when people do cocaine it will have a different outcome on who it is as someone might go crazy over it and for some people it might not affect them as much. Another reason to why there are all these myths about drugs can be because of the people that do it and deal isn't that reliable, what I'm trying to say is that people who do drugs are sketchy and usually not that trustworthy, there might be some who casually drink but for the most part those who are way more involved with drugs can lead you to believe something that's false. Reason 3 can be that people don't know a lot about drugs or what they do so they are easily persuaded by myths and stories that seem realistic. The last reason is that there isn't a lot of people who take drugs and the information on the internet can go so far making there to be a small amount of people who you can ask and get an answer from.
How to correct misinformation about drug use
To correct misinformation, I think that you must provide reasonable evidence and proof or alternate explanation to why the myth is incorrect, there are other ways to correct...

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