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Jury Essay

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gentelmen of the jury, today i am going to prove to you that nazi have just as much right to march wherever they want to as do the homosexuals, african american communtiy, relihious belivers, along with any other community that as their right to speak their opinion in what they believe in as the united states dicatates to be constitutional under the first amendment. the first amendment provides us with the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom to speak out in what we believe in. i am hear today to declare that any peaceful act of assembly is completley legal under the untied states constituion, the law of the land. if the nazi feel that it is necesary to speak out in ...view middle of the document...

the first amendment grants the nazis the right to be able to preacefully march for what they believe in. in this case, i will present the justice behind peaceful nazi assemblies that is legal even withen a jewich commity reguardless of the outside opininons through supreme court rulings and laws withen the us that has been declared to be constituional.the reason for marching in a jewish operationg communtiy is because the nazis believe that it would be most productive for them to march in fron of those people who they most directly wish to address. what would be the purpose of the nazi marching in fron of an audience that is not affected byt he cause. THERE WOULD BE NO POINT. the nazis in fact are not the factor of bringin about violenvce and destruction withen jewish comunties. the nazis are PEACFULLY showing their target audiece. today i am here to present this case to the jury by showing that the nazis can and legally be able to peacfully march in jewish communties. the actions of a minute percentage of extremeists should not be applied to the group as a whole. overall, the majority of the nazi group should be allowed to peacfully march in any community jewish based or not. if nazis are prohibited from their peacfull asemblies, they may in fact feel the need to demonstrate in violence and other disturbing mehtods as any other group might be promted to do. People are going to do wut they believe in wheather it is right or wrong. Why not make it ok for them to be able to express their opinions in a manner of peace rather than not be able to and be forced into proving their point through means of violence

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