Literature Review Of Leadership Development: How To Make Leadership More Efficient University Of Queensland Assignment

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Literature Review of Leadership Development:
How to make leadership more efficient
How to make leadership more efficient? Leadership is not management or guidance. Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others' goals to leaders, and a successful leader must convince his or her followers that they are a team or family, not just the relationship between the leader and the subordinates. If they have confidence in you and become your followers, this is the beginning of the success of the goal. However, organizations often cannot effectively use managers to develop leadership. The purpose of this paper is to propose a practice model to achieve the development of leadership management and to discuss issues related to leadership development.
Leader’s Attitude: be high emotion quotient (EQ) leaders
Research shows that high EQ leaders are often able to manage companies more effectively. There are five factors in the EQ concept that are self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, compassion and social skills (Goleman, 1995, Mayer & Salovey, 1997).
For self- awareness, it refers to the establishment of confidence and learning on the basis of a kind of self-familiar mood, character and style. Self-awareness is also the process by which leaders evaluate their performance and behaviour and better understand them strengths and weaknesses. With self-assessment skills, they are able to handle their own limitations and improve their abilities, including confidence, communication skills and team building skills as effective leaders.
In self-management, efficient leaders need a good control of their emotions, they will not bring negative emotions to the work, and it is because they know that these emotions may affect others.
The third factor of EQ is self-motivation, and leaders need a positive attitude, which will not be jealous of the ability of others, but willing to learn to help them improve. Positive thinking not only affects the leadership itself, but also affects the team members, encouraging the team to achieve personal or team goals.
Compassion means that we need to communicate with friends and colleagues, understand the feelings of others, compassionate ability to enable us to establish good interpersonal relationships.
The last factor in EQ is social skills, which is the ability to build interpersonal relationships and trust relationships. It is similar to sympathy, but has its special meaning.
Recasting Leadership Development
Experience is the main source of learning leadership. From a research point of view, you should have a better understanding of how to use your experience more effectively. But enough to understand the experience and the reasons they teach. Need more in three key areas: A key question of developing talent through experience is to decide who will come to experience; Work from individual contributors to managers, passages, tests, assignments, and leadership pipelines shows that for leadership, ...


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