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A PLDP is done to cause deep reflection, writing, and re-evaluation. There are very few times in our busy lives when we take the opportunity to stop what we are doing to truly reflect. Not only does reflection increase our awareness of our personal strengths, weaknesses, values, preferences, and styles but it helps us understand how our behaviors, actions and decisions impact our relationships with others. This is all a part of Adult Learning and our thirst to continually learn about ourselves and how we affect those around us.
· Each module entry must follow this format and the different tables should be filled in for each module. Note: Only the white space areas will need to be filled in on this template.
· You must upload this document each time a module PLDP is due, your final product will also have your completed Action Plan filled in.
· Refer to the student guides located under each Module to help you complete each PLDP entry.
· For each part where you will either answer a question or discuss your strengths or areas of improvement, unless otherwise specified a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 350 words are required.
MODULE 2 “Self Awareness”
REFLECTION: For this module, 100 to 350 words are required for each lesson concept (e.g. 100-350 words for each assessment of Personal Profile System (PPS), Team Dynamics (TD), Adaption-Innovation (A-I) Theory, etc…under Part I & Part II).
Take a few moments to think about your experiences in the Self Awareness module and review your assessments. Self-awareness is important because when SELs have a better understanding of themselves, they are effective at managing and leading through change. As you complete the PLDP entry for this module, focus on building on your areas of strength as well as identify areas where you would like to make improvements.
PART I: STRENGTHS: Think about the things you do well in each of the below areas. If you have a low opinion of yourself, you may struggle with these at first, but we all have areas in each category that contribute to organizational and personal value. For those individuals that are very confident, it may be hard to just choose one, but there are things that will be your strongest asset in each assessed area. Even the most humble of people will understand their strengths and utilize them for everyone’s advantage.
Review the Self-Awareness Module core lessons (PPS, Team Dynamics (TD), A-I Theory, Full Range Leadership (FRL), and Critical Thinking) and your assessment instruments, then focus on one trait that you do well in each of the below lessons and explain WHY each item is strong:
Critical Thinking:
PART II: AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: There is difficulty to...

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