Personal Leadership Development Plan University Of Calgary Assignment

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Personal Leadership Development Plan - Andrew Epstein
Personal Leadership Development Plan
Andrew Epstein, MPH
NW Public Health Leadership Institute
April 2014
Development Awareness: Who am I?
360 degree assessment results
A personal leadership style gap analysis of the results of my Discovery 360 assessment has helped me gain greater awareness of strengths and areas for development.
· The highest scoring categories from my 360 feedback (4.5-4.8) were follow through and accountability; collaboration; customer service; and integrity and trust. Those results indicate that my leadership styles (based on Goleman’s Six Styles of Leadership) may be most often democratic, affiliative, and coaching.
· The lowest scoring categories from my 360 feedback (3.6-3.8) were conflict and negotiation; complex systems; and change. The leadership styles corresponding to my lower scoring categories from the 360 are authoritative, coercive, and democratic.
This assessment has helped me understand my strengths as well as where I might benefit from further development. Democratic and affiliative styles work well in my current non-management position. If I were to move into a manager or higher-level leadership position, it would be important for me to develop more comfort and competency with the authoritative leadership style.
While the quantitative results raised my self-awareness in the areas noted above, it has also been helpful to review the open-ended feedback provided through the 360 by managers, co-workers, and other colleagues:
Strengths: Great and compassionate leader, exceptional interpersonal skills, strong belief in what we do in public health, extremely successful in an advocacy role, outside of my work environment willing to “stand up to power” in promoting new idea or change, thoughtful worker, good time worker/thrives as part of a team; wonderful colleague and a smart, caring and capable worker; smart, well-intentioned and committed; demonstrates great aptitude for the development and implementation of projects; provides thorough and well-considered information to his colleagues; thoughtful and respectful; section leadership benefits from his insights
Growth areas: Learn how to “manage up” and work with management to create opportunities; develop leadership potential and use skills within heirarchical structure; be able to stand up to those above me and advocate for something I believe in that may not be the current or popular stance; learn to sort through the different working styles of my colleagues, and respond to each as an individual rather than as a ubiquitous unit; when I become too isolated in my work, don’t know how to rescue myself from furthering isolation of tasks and responsibilities (such as through delegation and through team leadership); find my voice within hpcdp; share thoughts and opinions more freely; we want to hear more from Andrew.
Other assessment results
· Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFJ - Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging...

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