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Lung Cancer Essay

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Where does air go when you breathe in? They go to the lungs right, but how? When you breathe in, air passes from your nose through the windpipe, which then divides into two different tubes, one going to each lung. Then divide into smaller tubes to carry air through the lungs into the bloodstream. All the carbon dioxide then passed to the alveoli tubes and then is breathed out by the lungs. But you have a hard time doing this if you have lung cancer.Lung cancers are generally divided into two type's non-small cell or small cell. These behave and respond to treatment quite differently.Non-small ...view middle of the document...

The Second type of lung cancer is Small cell lung cancer, also known as oat cell cancer because the cancer cells may look like oats when viewed under a microscope, grows rapidly and quickly spreads to other organs which is a form of mitosis in the cell.Smoking cigarettes is known to be the biggest cause of lung cancer. The more cigarettes you smoke the higher risk you have of developing lung cancer increases. You can also develop lung cancer by second hand smoking, or contact with certain chemicals and substances, such as uranium, chromium and nickel but this are very rare causes. People also suggested you can get lung cancer from air pollution, family history, and asbestos exposure. Some symptoms of lung cancer include constant chest pain, shortness of breath wheezing, bloody or rust colored sputum, weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand, and fever for unknown reason.Doctors could find out if you have lung cancer by chest x rays, computed tomography scan, sputum cytology, needle biopsy, bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy, x-rays and scans of the brain, liver, bone, and adrenal glands. There are three main types of surgery one where they remove part of the lung, second lobe of the lung, and third one whole lung. Another treatment the doctors use a high-energy ray to damage cancer cells and stop mitosis of the cancer cells through out the body. The last and final treatment is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells.

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