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James Abram look at the world from my eyes.
I lived a long life served my country and helped people. I struggled to make the united states of America my homeland a better place. I was born in 1940 I have seen this country at its worst and its best, helped it become a place where I can call my home and be proud of it. When I was born, it was a year after the great depression ended. My mother Jane was a factory worker, and my father Benjamin was a brave soldier, he served in world war two. My parents were unemployed during the great depression so when I was born our family was poor and in financial crises. They always told me you were born was such a medical because with me being born both my parents found jobs. I was born in Chicago, I went to a white boys school where the colored could not attend. I always felt bad for them they were treated as if they were animals, and I did not like the way everything was different for them as if they were sick or had a viral infection the only thing that made them different was segregation. I decided I want to be a supreme court judge and help the black people live free and equal. I graduated high school with 4.0 GPA I got 2550 on my sat I was accepted to Harvard with a full ride scholarship. I was at Harvard law for 10 years then I took my bar test and passed it with flying colors. I became a judge for the supreme court, and the first case I took was brown v board of education. This was my biggest dream, and I was overwhelmed that I was going to make it into a reality. The case took many years 2 to be exact, but I managed to let a little girl by the name of Linda Carol brown go to school equal to others. The fact that I helped her made me very happy but there was still a lot of discrimination, lots of black leaders were killed. The only thing that would make things better would be if i helped educate the people.
I had to get a higher position in the united states that's why I decided to run for president in 1968 I lost by 2 votes to Nixon I saw how slowly everything was moving into place. So I opened my own business i made up a computer company called Atari. sold it in 1976 for 28 million. I decided to invest a million dollars in a brand called apple. They were talking about how it was gonna change the world. I became a millionaire by the 1980s I was 40 and I James Abram was so rich I did not know what to do with all the money. I moved back to Chicago got married to a young model named Hellen. we had 4 kids together James Jr, martha, joseph and Moses. sent them to school gave them the most amazing lifestyle they could possibly imagine. my kids became fathers and mothers of their own. now that I look back I was just a Jewish boy growing up like every other kid coming out of the great depression. I always wanted to help people and I chased what I believed was ri...


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