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Zachery Raines
1. What are the three main methods of collecting juvenile crime information used in the United States
a. UCR (uniform crime reports) collected by the FBI
b. Juvenile Court Statistics
c. Self-report surveys
2. What is the UCR ? What are index crimes ?
a. The ‘UCR’ classifies crimes into Part 1 crimes and Part 2 crimes, This is used to differentiate very serious from less serious crimes for the purpose of national statistics.
b. Index Crimes are the eight crimes the FBI combine. Homicide, Forcible Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Larceny over $50, Motor Vehicle theft, and Arson.
3. What is the NCVS? Who is surveyed in the NCVS
a. ‘NCVS’ is administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it is a national survey on the frequency of crime victimization, over 49.000-77,400 households are surveyed.
4. What are the three research projects that comprise the causes and correlates of crime research
a. Denver Youth Survey
The Denver Youth Survey is based on a random sample of households in high-risk neighborhoods of Denver, CO. The survey respondents include 1,527 children and youth (806 boys and 721 girls) who were age 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15 in 1987 and who lived in 1 of the more than 20,000 households randomly selected from disadvantaged neighborhoods with high crime rates. Interviews with the youth and one caretaker were conducted annually from 1988 to 1992; this process resumed in 1995 and continued through 1999. The project has a high rate of retention, with completion rates of 91 to 93 percent in the first 5 years and a constant 80-percent rate for the 1995-98 period.
Pittsburgh Youth Study
The Pittsburgh Youth Study began with a random sample of boys in the first, fourth, and seventh grades of the Pittsburgh, PA, public school system. Information from the initial screening was used to select the top 30 percent of boys with the most disruptive behavior. This group of boys, together with a random sample of the remaining 70 percent who showed less disruptive behavior, became the sample for the study. The sample contains approximately 500 boys at each grade level, for a total of 1,517 boys. Each student and a primary caregiver were interviewed at 6-month intervals for the first 5 years of the study; teacher ratings of the student were also obtained. The middle sample (fourth grade) was discontinued after seven assessments. The youngest sample (first grade) and oldest sample (seventh grade) are currently being interviewed at annual intervals, with totals of 16 and 14 assessments, respectively. The study has been highly successful in retaining participants, with a retention rate of at least 85 percent for each assessment.
Rochester Youth Development Study
The Rochester Youth Development Study sample consists of 1,000 students (729 boys and 271 girls) who were in the seventh and eighth grades of the Rochester, NY, public schools during the spring semester of the 1988 school year. Males were oversampled because they are more lik...


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