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Researching Human Service Agencies Essay

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Out of my list of human service agencies in my state that I gathered, I choose the North Carolina Employment Security Commission and the North Carolina Department of Correction.The North Carolina Department of Correction serves inmates of North Carolina. I dug a little deeper into the service and found the Division of Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency. The Division of Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Programs is one of four major divisions of the Department of Correction. The Division of Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Programs ...view middle of the document...

Inmates remain in the long-term treatment programs for 180 to 365 days. I feel the state is influenced to offer this program to inmates to ensure a chance of recovery before returning to society. I feel that the service is meeting the needs of the demographic group. The reason I felt this way because of the different programs that the Division of Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Programs offer. I feel the only challenge that might be present is the funding issues that may occur from being half funded by federal and half-funded by private contacts.The North Carolina Employment Security Commission meets the aids of the unemployed by listing current job opportunities, referring qualified applicants, and providing local labor market information. Assist job seekers in resume writing and employers in developing job descriptions. Processes claims for unemployment insurance benefits. The North Carolina Employment Security Commission offers many different employment services to help the citizens of the state. One challenge that may be preventing The North Carolina Employment Security Commission of meeting the needs of the demographic group is the lack of positions available for uneducated workers.I feel that both agencies are trying to improve the life of the demographic groups involved.

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