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Robert C. Noble's, There Is No Safe Sex

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Dr. Noble believes handing out condoms in high school to control STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is inadequate given the consequences. That "Safe Sex" is a myth. Many people believe that giving condoms to high school students will protect them from STD's. Relying on his years of experience as an infectious disease physician, Dr. Noble is ...view middle of the document...

Even the most seriously infected people; people with deadly communicable diseases will lie. He explains that even those who are aware of their partner's medical condition, are likely to forget at least once during the course of their relationship to use a condom, even though the result could be catastrophic.Dr. Noble cites government studies where STD rates climb rapidly despite public education efforts. Government pamphlets saying that condoms are not safe and a condom breakage rate of four percent. He feels when it comes to life or possible death, a four percent chance of failure is too high. Dr. Noble believes the media is partly to blame for glamorizing sex in its television shows and magazine ads. He continues, arguing that the media does not give equal time to the "prudish" or counter point of view, advocating his position, that monogamy and/or abstinence is the only real "Safe Sex".

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