Robert C. Noble's, There Is No Safe Sex

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Dr. Noble believes handing out condoms in high school to control STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is inadequate given the consequences. That "Safe Sex" is a myth. Many people believe that giving condoms to high school students will protect them from STD's. Relying on his years of experience as an infectious disease physician, Dr. Noble ...view middle of the document...

Even the most seriously infected people; people with deadly communicable diseases will lie. He explains that even those who are aware of their partner's medical condition, are likely to forget at least once during the course of their relationship to use a condom, even though the result could be catastrophic.Dr. Noble cites government studies where STD rates climb rapidly despite public education efforts. Government pamphlets saying that condoms are not safe and a condom breakage rate of four percent. He feels when it comes to life or possible death, a four percent chance of failure is too high. Dr. Noble believes the media is partly to blame for glamorizing sex in its television shows and magazine ads. He continues, arguing that the media does not give equal time to the "prudish" or counter point of view, advocating his position, that monogamy and/or abstinence is the only real "Safe Sex".


Paper On There Is No Place Like Home

271 words - 2 pages There is no place like home. Who has not at one time in their life or another, felt a certain bond with a place in which they have lived? The answer is probably not many people. Meanwhile, there are many different opinions about place called home and I will try to discuss its main advantages.Some people think that home is only a setting to eat, sleep and keep possessions. However, I treat it as a wrong point. Home is much more than a physical

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475 words - 2 pages Hello Dr. Gentner, Week Two 1-on-1 Evaluation Evaluator- JaKedria Robinson Critiquing- Brittany Valle Brittany and I simulated our second consultation session. This session was our second meeting but the start of getting to the root to why Brittany seek out performance consulting services. At the star of every session, I read a little disclosure for iteration of the patient-to-client confidentiality privileges and mandated reporting. With

A Psychological Essay On The Inclusion Of Sex Education For Both The Primary And Secondary Curriculum

4118 words - 17 pages Philippines made it adapt to changing times. But there is still a concern whether sex education would be able to encourage teenagers to give premarital sex a try or it would make them think twice before doing anything.If this is going to be the scenario, and I'm keeping faith this will be, no more young Filipino youths will ever need to leave school behind just to give birth, no more unwanted pregnancy; there will be no more need for the legalization

Sex Education: A Conversation We Can No Longer Avoid - Marist College/Writing for College - Essay

1682 words - 7 pages number of negative consequences from sex education programs like that are limitless, and yet that might be exactly what your children are being taught today. Sex education in America needs to be regulated and required throughout the entire country to provide everyone with the same information that they will need for the rest of their lives.The variation from state to state within the US is abundant and extremely dangerous. There is no required

The Conservative Argument for Same-sex Marriage - English 104 - Essay

554 words - 3 pages reject same-sex marriage and dissected them one by one. He explains why every single reason to be opposed to same-sex marriage is invalid. This method not only gets his point across, but extinguishes rebuttals. To conclude, Olsen believes that there is no reason for all conservatives to support gay-marriage. He makes it clear that he wants other fellow conservatives to realize the world is moving forward and it is time to move on from past

Marriage equality: What we have done and how far do we still have to go - College - Essay

1216 words - 5 pages . This argument is flawed because it implies that the current way of doing things is ok. There is no real proof that allowing same sex couples to get married would any way effect other couples. However, there is proof that the current marriage system is flawed, and allowing same sex couples to get married could be a good step towards fixing it. More than 50% of married couples in America get divorced. Studies show that the US has one of the highest

Who Said You Can't Have It Both Ways?: The Double Standards Of Promisquity Analyze An Advertisement Using Feminist Theories About Sex, Race, And Class

986 words - 4 pages the same time. The caption can also be interpreted as "who said you can't have sex with a black women and a white woman at the same time? They're both women and therefore, they are both here for my pleasure as a man". The ad promotes safe sex, which is a positive thing, but also promotes promiscuous sex. The caption " can play it safe and have a great time doing it", suggests that sex is just an activity for men to do with no emotional

Same Sex Marriages

510 words - 3 pages passed.However any law that does not pass immediately must have some flaws and the same sex marriage law is no different. First same sex marriages could be damaging to a child raised in the home. I must make it clear that this is through no fault of the two same sex parents. It could be difficult on the children because when growing up around other kids. The child of the two same sex parents would be unfairly picked on and abused by other kids

The Challenges Inherent In Same-Sex Adoption - West High Pre-IB Advanced English 10 - Research Paper

1100 words - 5 pages endures criticism from many people. “[...]Set up a family environment where there is a man and a woman bringing up the child” (Novak and Langenberg). Basically saying that gays and lesbians do not count as parents, or at least not acceptable ones. Same-sex parents behave and act just the same as straight parents. Some people believe that same-sex couples do not love the same as straight people, therefore they will not love the child, or they will

An assignment on sexual education in America's public schools. - LCCC/English 102 - Assignment

1012 words - 5 pages . So, while I believe that sex education is important in schools I also believe that there is some work that needs to be done to significantly improve the current state of sex education in America. Sex education was implemented into public schools in the 20s and has since helped educate teens about sexuality, protection, and STDs, sway teens from becoming involved with sexual activity, and most importantly helped to bring the number of teen

Describe how wine and knitting are used as symbols to foreshadow and explain the uprising of the poor

544 words - 3 pages Free cleared up in retrospect. The French Revolution's clash of classes is evident with the intense vengeance the oppressed mob of angry peasants had on the nobles. Having no definite victor between the classes is significant in the story, as Dickens contrasts the changes each class makes: either for "the best of times", or for "the worst of times".

Sex Education A Necessary Part Of Curriculum Paramount To A Developing Teen

1415 words - 6 pages Free that focus on social moral values and welfare. Educators believe that we should be concerned about positive social traits and values, such as cooperative social adjustment and democracy, instead of moral beliefs. This dangerous perspective often leads educators and citizens to avoid moral education entirely in a democratic society and leads therefore to a skeptical attitude towards morality."#Safe sex is a primary staple of sexual education. So

Level 3 Geography human trafficking asignment - Green Bay High School - Essay asignment

2347 words - 10 pages and shows them that there are other options they provide jobs to help the victims get education, work, learn, earn money and be in an environment that is safe. This helps the victims to understand what it feels’ like to be an actual person rather than being treated like an object when they were trafficked. The women will be very busy and occupied with their jobs, which can prevent them from returning to the sex trade. However, Improving the

Popular Culture - A view of Pornography - Popular Culture - Assignment

3714 words - 15 pages has become more liberal and open in the public domain. As modern and forward the society might be, sex and sexuality is still an issue that is not easy to broach. More often than not, when there are discussions about sex and/or sexuality in popular culture, it is featured with comedic undertones or perpetuating stereotypes regarding the issue or come across as being preachy. Viewers hardly get anything out of it because it is either laughed off

Informative report on what herpes is and how it affects many people today - Fundamental of speech - Research paper

458 words - 2 pages Herpes Many adults in the U.S are infected with the illness of herpes and it’s considered common nowadays. Herpes is classified a common illness and can contaminate anyone who practices anal sex or comes in contact with cold sores. There are many different places one can get herpes on ranging from really anywhere on the body. Herpes can also have a variety of symptoms that can’t really be distinctive, that it is herpes. When it comes to this