Senators, Dreamers Do Not Want To Hear Words They Want To See Action English 101 Opinion Essay

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Senators, Dreamers Do not want to hear Words They Want to See Action In the New York Times opinion article, “Senators Dreamers Have Been Watching You”, Antonio Alarcon criticizes the lack of effective legislation being proposed by senators to not only protect Dreamers but also their immigrant families who also deserve to stay in this country. He argues that he is not willing to accept any legislative fix that would give Dreamers the chance to stay in this country legally while their families are being targeted by ICE and being deported back to their countries of origin. Recently the Dreamer issue has been featured in the national spotlight due to the actions taken by our current president to end the DACA program which allows mostly students who were brought to this country illegally by their parents at a young age to come out of the shadows and stay here legally. The Dreamer issue is an important one that every person living in this country today should care about. Since this country was founded it has always claim to be a nation of immigrants where everyone can realize their American Dream. While some might continue to assert that this country is a melting pot where legal status is irrelevant, there are troubling actions being taken by our leaders that prove that this is no longer the case. In recent years immigrants have begun to be treated as second-class citizens who are made felt like they have no place in American society. Our own president has made immigrants into scapegoats and convinced many Americans that immigrants are to blame for many of the problems this nation is now facing. Yes, it is true that immigrants have broken the law by entering this country illegally but that does not mean they should be treated as mere criminals. It is completely unethical to use immigrants as scapegoats, especially after all the positive contributions some of them have made to this country over the years. That is why one could argue that without the immigrant community America would have never become the global power it now is. To guaranteed that America continues to be a diverse society and an exemplary global power, the people of this nation need to realize that immigrants are not the problem and that allowing them to stay in this country which has become their only home is the humane thing to do. The lives of millions of people depend on the actions taken by our leaders, the decisions that will be made by our government will also say a lot about the type of nation we want to be. So far, the Senate has received many proposals and bills which could potentially help resolve the status of Dreamers and perhaps allow them to stay in the only country they have known their whole lives. However, in the opinion article Alarcon himself writes “I couldn’t accept a deal that protected me while criminalizing so many others — from my colleagues to my aunts and uncles. I couldn’t accept a deal that made it harder for immigrants to bring th...


This is an opinion paper about whether or not 16-year-olds should be allowed to see R-rated movies without an adult

578 words - 3 pages 16-year-olds should be allowed to see R-rated movies without an adult. 16-year-olds are young adults, getting ready to enter the real world. 16-year-olds are old enough to deal with seeing the situations portrayed in R-rated movies. In many cases, the policies in place do not prevent 16-year olds from seeing R-rated movies. Furthermore, restricting 16-year-olds from seeing R-rated movies deprives them of seeing many educational and artistic

Why do I want to be a Pharmacist - English II - Essay

756 words - 4 pages in becoming a qualified, certified and licensed pharmacist to be recognized not only by my title but as a well respected citizen who is a leader and giving back to society to help serve the healthcare needs of our people as a whole in the world today. Additionally, I am also well equipped in the areas of great character and moral and values that will be a positive asset to helping to serve the people with great customer service and treat them

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1127 words - 5 pages want to marry you. After being silent for some times Hina said "ok but remember one thing; you can get each and every thing of mine except my heart. My heart belongs to someone else and it can never be yours. And she left. Now these words really make Kamran think and now he can imagine that how much they love each other. So it's no use of trying to set his cap on her.In the evening Kamran went to Hina's house and he told everything to grandpa

Assignment On Why Do I Want To Be A Nurse?

402 words - 2 pages the patients advocate. To speak for them and help them when they are too weakor unable. A duty and a privilege that I want as long as I am able.Motivation, compassion, and a desire to help others are essential to nursing. Bypossessing these characteristics, I believe that I am the best candidate for this scholarship. Thisscholarship will assist with the financial burden of expenses. It will help me continue to pursuemy nursing career. I would like to thank the scholarship committee for the opportunity to beconsidered.

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483 words - 2 pages Free Rishiman Ratnakar Physics is considered as the backbone of the world. Physics is interesting. Physics helps us to understand how the world around us works. Physics helps us to organize the universe. It deals with fundamentals, and helps us to see the connections between seemly dissimilar phenomena. Physics gives us powerful tools to help us to express our creativity, to see the world in new ways and then to change it. Physics is useful. Physics


899 words - 4 pages Free Europe via trade and conquest -by 700, conquered Spain (west)Central Asia (east) -Holy city = Mecca (hajj) and also Medina (hijra) · smaller geographically than Umayyad, centered in Middle East · more extensive trade not only overland but overseas but dominated the Indian Ocean Trade Network Political -1st Caliphate -influenced by Byzantine and Persian traditions -capital = Damascus (more central than Mecca) -4 caliphs 632- 660 prior to start of

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653 words - 3 pages Why I Want To Be A Teacher? Sabrina Johnson This essay prompts me to answer the question: Why do I want to become a teacher? I honestly had not thought of the why until now. I just kind of knew I wanted to help younger children in some form of way. When I entered CVCC my freshman year, my major was to go into nursing, and eventually a pediatric nurse. This thought was driven not only by the want to help children, but I was also influenced by

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1877 words - 8 pages Representatives? This could be a problem because: Background Essay How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny? Constitution Mini-Q 2 In May of 1787 they began to drift into Philadelphia, 55 individuals all responding to the call for a Constitutional Convention. Most were wealthy, all were white, all were male. They came from eleven of the rather disunited states stretched along the eastern seaboard. New Hampshire delegates would not show up

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421 words - 2 pages Many people do not want to go to school these days. Reasons can be from waking in the morning to eating the food in the cafeteria. Its not that people do not like school and wish it would not be mandatory, it's really the things we need to do in school.Waking up around 7:00 AM every weekday is very hard. It usually means that everyone would be sleeping in his first period class, or he will be half-asleep the rest of the day. If you wake up that

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419 words - 2 pages Chandler Bang Poem That I Wrote 2 I Just Want to be Me Author: Chandler Bang Throughout our life we have been told, that only greatness shall unfold. They make success seem so easy to acquire, yet as I sit here I know nothing but tire. Growing up was all fun and games, but now it seems as if I have made the wrong aims. They say go to school, to not do so would make you a fool. So we live and we learn

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1150 words - 5 pages again.” With such a charismatic orator, that man seemed like he was a war veteran judging from the fact that looked older and has a raspier voice. The remaining soldiers had followed his order, and they all charged towards the enemy frontline. For a moment, my body tingled with energy and excitement from the words that is empowering me to fight, as I’ve realised that man was my regiment’s commander. My heartbeat matched the army of footsteps

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957 words - 4 pages couple months, where their parents try to jump in to help them and give them advice on how to raise their own child so young.” But for young couples who are still students in college trying to get pregnant with their dating partner, soon find out by their doctor that they can’t conceive a baby together. If the couple is in this situation, they need to know they’re not alone there are other options they can take to try and raise a family together

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643 words - 3 pages recognized the severity of this weathered man’s battle at sea. Beowulf said in return, “I see that your battle may have been difficult but you have helped no one. I on the other hand have saved countless lives from agonizing deaths on land and sea.” Beowulf spun the heroic tales of him and his men traveling across lands defeating horrific beasts and the treasures he would receive as reward. Santiago found that his tales could not compare to this

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505 words - 3 pages passing the exam, and unfortunately 5 mines after the exam the information just evaporates from their heads. At the present time, students do not possess big dreams, they claim to be ‘realistic’, so they do not plan their future, they go with a flow. ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’- Margaret Mead I have a dream and I want to build it, I understand that if I don’t, someone else would hire me to help build theirs. I want to

A Letter to Anyone You Want to Send a Letter to. - Westover - Letter

804 words - 4 pages soldiers with their guns drawn. Also in the middle, what really catches your eye is the prisoner in the white shirt with yellow pants with his hands up and the guy behind him with his hands over his face. You are not able to see the faces of the soldiers but the faces of the prisoners are very visible. The prisoners are very scared and do not want to be shot. In the fore ground of the painting, all my eyes are drawn to, is the soldiers that got shot