Should School Start At A Later Time ? Excelsior/English 1 Essay/Assignment

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February 14, 2018
Should school start at a later time ?
Should teenagers start school at a later time? Students have to get the rest they need because of the stress they have from testing, homework, and exhaustion from sports and after school activities. For example students need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night, but only 15% are even getting close to that amount. From a article by “The Atlantic” states both the CDC and the pediatricians’ group cited significant risk that come with lack of sleep, including high rates of depression and motor vehicle accidents and among teens as well as overall lower quality of life.
To begin with, teenagers don’t have enough hours to sleep before going to school. The American Academy of Pediatrics explains on their site “American Academy of Pediatrics Supports childhood Sleep Guidelines “ recommends that teens average 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. On average adults and teens cannot fall asleep until around 11 p.m. That is because their bodies do not produce melatonin, the natural chemical that instructs the body to sleep, until around 11 p.m. But Neuroscientists say they are biologically predisposed to go to sleep around midnight and not feel fully awake and engaged until between 9am and 10am.
On the other hand, some parents or teachers might say that your body naturally has a internal clock. Which means is if you go to bed early you will wake up early. But all students have different schedules because of homework or other activities after and...

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