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Some Get More Addicted To Their Smartphones

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Many people in today's society are passionate smart phone users. Some even consider themselves, "addicted to their phones" or believe that they, "cannot live without them". Patrick May states, "It's a lot easier to plug into the weird world of devices than it is to unplug" (9). Some of the types of people that are more likely to become addicted to their smart phones are individuals who are unemployed, severely disabled, or retired.Many times individuals who are unemployed spend more time on their smart phones than what would be considered an average amount. There are many factors that cause this. Some of these are depression, and boredom. Depression is a common condition that people experience when they do not have jobs. It is defined as, "severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of ...view middle of the document...

Individuals who are unemployed aren't the only ones more likely to get addicted to their devices.People who are severely disabled are also more likely to become addicted to their smart phones. By using their devices these individuals can feel more in place. In today's society, social media plays a big role in everyday life. It gives people opportunities to express themselves to the public. Often times individuals who are severely disabled have a difficult time communicating and expressing their ideas with others. Social media gives them this great opportunity, but it also puts them at risk with becoming addicted to it and their smart phones. Many times individuals who are severely disabled really enjoy the games that can be installed onto smart phones. These games can provide both entertainment as well as developmental benefits. Some games are specifically designed to enhance memory, problem solving, and attention. These valuable game characteristics are valid reasons for why severely disabled individuals are more likely to become addicted to their smart phones.Retirees are another group of people more likely to become addicted to their smartphones. These modern electronic devices make communicating with families much easier which is appealing to elders. Retirees are able to audio and video chat with immediate and distant families through applications such as Skype and FaceTime. Smart phones are also very appealing to retirees because they can have all of their electronics in one. Instead of having a television, to view news, and a home phone, to communicate, retirees can have everything on one device. Convenience is just one of the many reasons why retirees are more likely to become addicted to their smart phones.Many people in today's society are fervent smart phone users. Although a lot of individuals exceedingly use their phones, the types of people that are more likely to get addicted to them are individuals who are unemployed, severely disabled, and retirees.Word Count: 520

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