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Image 6: Inside a 21st century library
1. The facilities offered by the libraries have changed in response to technology. Compare a traditional library with a modern library as depicted in the visual prompt.
2. With the current rate of technology advancement, do you think physical libraries will disappear in the near future? Why? Why not?
3. Universities in Western Australia and elsewhere have gradually replaced hardcopy books with e-books. Discuss the pros and cons of this new development
1. Libraries nowadays have a limited availability of some books and now relying on the technology. Traditional libraries have a numerous amount of bookshelves and books. A modern library now only has lots of computers instead of physical books. It also now takes less space because they now don’t have many books to store.
2. I think there is a higher possibility where physical libraries might disappear given the fact that we can now access books wherever and whenever we need them. In addition, we might need more space to fit the growing population in the near future. People might think that physical libraries are now unnecessary because we now have the internet where we can search the things we want in an instant
3. The pros will be that there is less weight on the students back and will make it easier for them to travel without worrying about hurting their back. Another thing is that they can be more organised. There are many possible cons that might occur among the students. Now that they have their books on their devices, they will now use their device more often which can lead to damaging their eyesight because of the radiation that is being produced on the screens of these devices. One more thing is affordability. Not all people in Australia can easily afford these devices like MacBook or iPads.
Image 7: Lifeguards at a beach
1. Life guards are volunteers. What motivates them to do this dangerous job?
2. Should teenagers participate in volunteer work? Why? Why not?
3. What are some possible volunteer jobs that teenagers can do?
4. What are some possible problems that may occur when a teenager works as a volunteer?
1. I think that the main reason for most of the people doing the dangerous job is to learn lifelong skills such as CPR and first aid. Another factors are: it will be a good workout for some people, they want to save people lives knowing that some people don’t have the skills like them, or to get a work experience from helping the community by doing these kinds of job.
2. I think teenagers should participate in volunteer work because in our generation most of the teenagers still rely on their parent. Doing volunteer jobs will give you a work experience that you will definitely use in the future and will give you the upper hand when looking for a job because you’ve been into a workplace not like the people who might be looking for a job but having a hard time because they don’t have a work experience....


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