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Television Essay

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Shaila SabusaProfessor OdakEnglish 110211 March 2014Introduction-Personal Perspective:When I look around the only things I see is kids from their toddler days to their early 20's dressed and act like they are someone from a TV show. I wonder what if these TV shows had a different impact on us if they had different content, what if they didn't have much violence or cursing, and what if they kept all TV shows PG. "What if" is the main question that rises in a person's mind when thinking about a topic like this. TV has changed since I was a kid to now, I remember when I was young we used to watch Elmo and friends and just be happy with that. Nowadays you see kids act like ...view middle of the document...

I admit I have done things that I have seen on TV to show to my friends that I am "cool" enough to be with them. TV shows have influenced kids to do the things that our parents have kept us away from but we get more attracted to that stuff because our friends are doing it and think that if nothing has happened to them, then why will something happen to me.But parenting plays a part in this too. The problem is made even worse by the relatively lax supervision parents provide over what their children watch on television. My parents were the few parents who actually gave my brother and myself a specific time to watch TV [beside that I had to do other things like dancing, cooking or learning traditions and customs of my households] only because when we were little we only had one TV in our living room. A 2010 national survey of television-watching behavior in children showed that seventy-two percent of children reported no time restrictions over television viewing while fifty-two percent reported that they were free to watch any type of content they wished. While thirty-nine percent reported having to follow rules, those rules were enforced "some of the time or less." I know now that if my parents let me watch that much TV I would have not made good grades, and definitely not made it college.Over the time frame, TV has revolutionized in the way they broadcast these shows with the programming they have and how everything is set out to be. Over the time TV programming has advanced to violence, sexual content and cursing and brought joy to a young child's mind about how if they do such things, it will make them cool. The history of television is very broad so now lets take a closer look on how it came about in the world and how well it changed over generations with children.The History of Television on ChildrenTelevision was invented for the entire family to come together sit down and have family time. This new form of entertainment brought everything in the comfort of our own homes. The first television appeared during the World Fair in 1939 (Newcomb 9). Families watched television together because of the set of television was too big to set into each room. At the time families had to make negotiations on what to watch, which made this experience a shared experience. Only in modern days does each room have a TV. Because of this each room having TV the bonding, negotiation and sharing experience has vanished in families giving children the freedom to watch anything at anytime no matter how bad the show may be (Lotz 51). The American Broadcasting Company first aired Saturday morning children television shows on August 19, 1950. Since this time television shows for children have developed slowly and gradually. "Since 1936, there have been many changes-increases in line structure and increases in definition. From 343 lines we jumped to 441 lines. There was much dabbling with 500 lines, but ultimately 525 lines was adopted as standard" (Monfort 200). Just...

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