Understand How To Provide Support When Working In End Of Life Care Trn Limited Assignment

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Learning outcomes:
1. Understand current approached to end of life care
2. Understand an individual’s response to their anticipated death
3. Understand factors regarding communication for those involved in end of life care
4. Understand how to support those involved in end of life care situations
5. Understand how symptoms may be identified in end of life care
6. Understand advanced care planning
Guidance Notes for Learners
Key terms used:
Outline: Your answer should give a short general explanation outlining the essential features, not the detail. It should summarise the main points.
Define: Your answer should give the precise meaning of a word
Describe: in order to describe something you must give a detailed account. You answer must be in sentences to demonstrate your understanding of the key terms
Explain: You need to ensure you answer is clear, detailing facts.
List: Your answer should give a list of names or things that are written one below the other
Identify: Your answer should establish who or what something is.
Example: Your answer should identify one of a number of possible outcomes.
Analyse the impact of national and local drivers on current approaches to end of life care. (1.1)
Evaluate how a range of tools for end of life care can support the individual and others. (1.2)
Analyse the stages of the local end of life care pathway. (1.3)
Evaluate models of loss and grief. (2.1)
Describe how to support the individual throughout each stage of grief. (2.2)
Explain the need to explore with each individual their own specific areas of concern as they face death. (2.3)
Describe how an individual's awareness of spirituality may change as they approach end of life. (2.4)
Explain the principles of effective listening and information giving, including the importance of...

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