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Vegetarianism: PRO AND CONThesisAs the world population increases, the food supplies are shrinking. It is suggested that a change in our food habits such as changing to vegetarianism may be necessary for the survival of the human species. The Pros and Cons of a vegetarian diet will be considered in this paper.There are many advantages to a vegetarian diet.Vegetarians ingest less fat and cholesterol and therefore at less risk for he ...view middle of the document...

Given sufficient space, vegetarians can grow much of their own food, which is both safer and cheaper than buying it.Vegetarianism causes less damage to the environment.Vegetables require less fuel and water than cattle.Farmers could produce more food if they did not devote so much farmland to cattle.Vegetarians don't kill animals for food.There are also disadvantages to a vegetarian diet.Care is needed to avoid protein and vitamin deficiencies.Vegetarians may need vitamin supplements.Vegetarians are more at risk for anemia than meat eaters.Vegetarian's diets are not as varied as others.A complex combination of recipes is needed to keep the diet interesting.It is difficult to get much variety in textures and tastes.It is difficult to be a vegetarian in a meat-eating society.Vegetarians are often looks upon as cultists.Vegetarians are sometimes thought to be self-righteous.ConclusionIn conclusion, there are many people, not only in this country but also all over the world who chose being vegetarians because of its advantages. Being vegetarians is not just about consuming vegetables, but also we can get benefits from vegetables that can make our body healthier and avoid us from many diseases.


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819 words - 4 pages usually likes to stick to one side of a story and therefore they create a biased view. For example, a documentary named “What the Health” is a pro vegan documentary that only has sources that are vegan and the one non vegan person they actually present in person is shown as a short tempered man with the lack of knowledge when in fact he was a CEO that was being attacked for his beliefs. However, “Dirty Money” is not shown to pick any sides in the

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1350 words - 6 pages 1 The Cessation of Starvation: Essay #1 How might someone’s relationship with food be affected their anorexia? I was vegan for almost a year, but for all the wrong reasons. Eating disorders feed off of restriction, and this title normalized that for me. Veganism prohibits the consumption of animal products; food containing milk, eggs, or meat were all off-limits. Living in Southern California, veganism was hardly taboo. It is not only socially

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482 words - 2 pages culture and economy. It provides us food and you also could sell and or trade it. In Florida that’s what basically everyone eats (seafood) and we get it fresh. Without hunting and fishing we would be eating very differently like being vegan. Also with hunting and fishing when you cook your items you get the right proteins and carbs, and you could make a living of hunting and fishing. Conclusion- In conclusion ships have contributed to our culture

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1025 words - 5 pages ” (Pollen 244). You get what you pay for; it really makes you think. It’s astonishing how someone can care about what car they drive and spend so much on it; and yet make a big deal about the cost of what they put in their bodies. Although to be fair, eating healthy is relatively more expensive than eating “corn.” An interesting topic on veganism is discussed in his book. Specifically, Pollen mentions about a vegan utopia and its unlikeliness. “If

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1331 words - 6 pages too cruel. “They may not be as intelligent as us, but they certainly know pain, fear and loneliness. They too can suffer, and they too can be happy” (Harari 4). With the majority of humans being meat eaters, I find it hard to imagine the future of animals getting better. Will people change their eating habits and become vegetarian or vegan just to help animals? I really do not see this happening. Can we find a way to see the positive side of

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789 words - 4 pages Blossoming Lotus, Portlands #1 vegan Restaurant, is looking for an enthusiastic and reliable host/expeditor to join our team. At the heart of why we are here is to feed and nourish people with a plant-based menu featuring the highest quality ingredients available, creatively crafted and made with love. We want every person coming in our doors to feel completely satisfied, nourished and sated. Position Summary: The primary role of the host

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991 words - 4 pages happiness where she can.” Paul wants to commend Jess for adopting a vegan lifestyle but fears that him complimenting her will take away the freedom of her choosing her own morals. On the other hand Jess blames both her father and herself as she is reminded of an incident from her childhood before her mom started to get sick from the smell of meat in her dad’s breath. The guilty consus on her mind prevents her to open up to her dad and get close to

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1228 words - 5 pages . It’s true that many meats can contain a high amount of protein, but just because the intake of protein is essentially cut, it doesn’t mean you will be lacking in protein. Fish contain many necessary vitamins. This is including vitamins A, B and C which are known for the great help it gives your eyes, bones, and brain. The vegan lifestyle will usually have to be careful of falling into a possible protein deficiency, however, “Pescatarians don’t

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1025 words - 5 pages three of these practices is a product of human choice. People choose to eat dogs, people choose to be vegan, and people choose to be eaten, but in countries such as Saudi Arabia, where strict practices of Wahhabism are forced upon citizens, the moral values were chosen for them. Additionally, many laws are strictly for women and often times they are incredibly oppressive. In addition to the requirement of wearing a black abaya, women have to obtain

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1344 words - 6 pages heart disease. See, many will attack a mother who is choosing to raise her child vegan because she is believed to be forcing her beliefs on to her children. However, have you watched TV recently? Every second ad is for meat, more meat, cheese, extra cheese, would you like some cheese with your meat? How about some more meat? When was the last time you saw an ad for mushrooms? Or rice? Spinach perhaps? And then every other ad is for diets, diet pills

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1241 words - 5 pages Free Employment Training Program”, which runs under “Hope Ventures” (Bethany Hope Centre, n.d.-d). According to the Bethany Hope Centre, Hope Ventures “encourage young parents to explore and advance with the world of work and entrepreneurship” (Bethany Hope Centre, n.d.-d). One participant, Raven Chopwick, opened a home bakery selling vegan and gluten-friendly goods (Henderson, 2015). Through the 12-week training program, young parents get class and/or

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1479 words - 6 pages themselves, these alternatives are already implemented in a couple other countries and they seem to work out perfectly so we are hoping it could be a possible solution for the shelters in our country. This topic tends to rally up controversy, especially within the vegan community and peta supporters, it can be hard for people to see the other sides reasoning at times but coming out with the information that we found we could understand why maybe

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2700 words - 11 pages Free essential food groups. Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian diet is a lifestyle diet followed by vegetarians."A vegetarian is someone who lives on a diet of grains,seeds,vegetables, fruits, and some other non-animal-based foods with, or without, dairy products, honey or eggs”(, 2018).Some people may be vegetarian for religious reasons or health reasons.The primary mechanism by which a low-fat,vegan diet leads to body weight reduction is likely

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1864 words - 8 pages minutes away, the modest chia bar is a perfect pacifier for the empty, pleading stomach. Or, if you are writing a reevaluation paper, why not try all four? Cited Sources “KIND Healthy Snacks & Granola Bars | KIND Snacks.” Main Website Store, “Health Warrior Online Store - Food That Actually Feeds You.” Health Warrior, “The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar.” Perfect Bar, “GoMacro Vegan Protein Bars.” GoMacro,

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2084 words - 9 pages such subjects.                The oldest daughter is vegan, and very in to animal and human rights.  She gets upset at her sister for wanting to eat meat, and not being cautious of what she eats.  The mother has had some elevated liver enzymes lately, and she has convinced her mom she needs to start consuming a leaky gut diet.                Sleep and rest is also very different amongst the family.  The older daughter has multiple mental health