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Why Study English Essay

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Why StudyEnglish I think that we should study English because we can always use it no matter where we are. The skills we learn in our Reading/Spelling/English class will help us through our journey through high school and college. A lot of people take English for ...view middle of the document...

In grammar school I learned how to read, and write in cursive. Those skills have helped me a lot! At my old school the standard was a lot higher so I had to work harder. I have learned a lot from that experience.Last year in English I did not learn all that I wanted to. So this year I hope to make up for everything that I didn't learn last year. Because this year I know that I am with people that are at my own level.This year I want to read books that are my reading level or high so that I can improve my vocabulary. I also will have help from my parents and friends so that can help me if I struggle. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a great year for me!

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